Posted by Inocuole (01/14/16 05:36 PM)
In practice this is almost never an issue.  It's like a few percent stronger in the cap, and yet you could eat 3 grams of just stems and wouldn't notice the difference.  30% is a gross exaggeration.

And then you have the fact that a PE stem is probably more potent than a PF Classic cap.  Information like this only serves to make people feel justified in saying stupid stuff like "I heard stems were bunk bro, I'm not eating that"
Posted by nirvanakrt7 (09/10/14 02:01 PM)
Posted by magicmatt420 (01/13/12 09:17 AM)
people say they to me all they time why eat he steam and i think why are u so dumb
Posted by Primitive420 (09/02/08 03:54 PM)
I agree.