Posted by mynakedrat (02/18/17 10:51 PM)
dude, thats like a cartoon, or art,
Posted by kinggucci (11/24/16 07:35 AM)
Posted by KThunderland (07/27/16 08:40 PM)
Great job . lots of good ideas in this setup

Posted by BallZack410 (01/19/16 09:43 PM)
So I suppose this should be in a 100% Humid environment? Does your plastic bottle have any type of air holes for Air/Gas Exchange? 
Posted by cronicr (01/08/14 02:19 AM)
i call bullshit lol
Posted by djperma (12/19/13 02:41 PM)
i suggest just the chips with some grass growth for humidity they are not sand crazy but do like it, usually i find their natural substrate is chip covered sand with lots of leaves and some grass tuffs
Posted by djperma (12/19/13 02:39 PM)
if u were to really boost their humidity you would get a much greater flush. they are not the hardiest of mushrooms and love the womb of rain and fog....
Posted by Greycat16 (09/07/11 09:10 AM)
I really would love to try this strain, if anybody has a culture to trade or send let me know.
Posted by sauroman11 (11/04/09 07:53 AM)
How do you prepare agar for azure?
Posted by Nelson4207 (08/02/09 01:03 AM)

just beautiful.
Posted by shymanta (05/02/09 06:20 PM)
Side fruiting is usually an issue of low humidity.  Humidity is higher at the edges so the mushrooms favor those spots.
Edited 5/2/2009 8:21 PM
Posted by homusubi (04/11/07 01:39 PM)
Thanks for making this, pictures are allways much more easy to understand.

BTW, i notice mushrooms only grow on the sides of the bottle, and no one in the middle... any explication for it?
Posted by johnuk (03/05/07 05:50 AM)
Very nice, thanks for taking the time!