Posted by svenjansen (04/08/09 03:04 PM)



Id like to know, when i eat 10 grams of dried Ps. cubensis(mexican), would that have the same effect as 3 grams of dried P.cyanescens(hanwaian)?

Thank you.


Posted by E2DX07 (11/23/08 08:05 PM)
Good read, I am also intrested in P. bernicii? said to have high levels of seritonin, and other happy chemicals with no traces of  Psilocin or Psilocybin, could be use as a cheap alternative to anti depressants, and defanitly help in getting a better more enjoyable trip!
Posted by undeadmonkey (09/15/08 09:52 PM)
I really need to start learning to grow these.  The chemical content differs much from Cubensis.  I always knew Psilocin is what Psilocybin turns in to.  I never thought about the fact it takes the body time to do that process.  There fore a higher Psilocin content equals a quicker trip.  That is a damn good thing to know.  Inspires me.  Gotta hit up Ralphster and get some spores now for sure.  The knowledge, and detail here obtained is just perfect.