Posted by PredatorShip (01/03/17 01:52 PM)
Posted by rbalzer (05/27/15 06:37 PM)
isn't it better to pasteurize the substrate in that situation? Sounds like you sterilize yours. :shrug:
Posted by flunglejungle (10/14/12 03:03 PM)
Do you add Gypsum ?
Posted by Sulfurshelfsean (08/15/11 06:31 PM)
That gets good FAE? This is very simple I like it. Do you have to fan those babies when they're set to fruit?
Posted by Blue Buddha (02/18/10 08:36 PM)
Thanks for the SWEET TEK! SWIM can't wait to get some pans and try it out
Posted by DonFranco (10/24/06 01:41 PM)
So, I have a few questions and I hope that you're able to help me. where can I find autoclavable bags.  And also, at what PSI and for how long does one cook the substrate?  Where can I find an impulse sealer?  What do you mean by sterliized casing soil?

Thanks for your time!