Posted by VealOfFortune (07/01/18 07:27 AM)
Do NOT use FreeSpores. Emailed for 3 weeks and was completely ignored until I sent a final email requesting to cancel.... miraculously, he responded within 60 minutes of my sending, and the spores had been sent so "...OOOPS SORRY CANT CANCEL! SORRY YOURE UPSET WITH ME". 
Na dude, I'm upset you give vendors a horrible rep and turn mycos off from using online providers.
Posted by Ethnopiate (08/30/14 05:30 AM)
Another great Australian site for all things related to biological science including Petri's, disection kits, mag stirrers, sterile gear, lab clothing, scalpels, cheap field microscopes (40X I think/) and lots of other nifty gear is ;

Also good because as a complete tech site, not a dedicated mushroom site, the mail is much... um... less scrutinised?
If I am not allowed to post this, feel free to remove or ask me to delete. I don't work for them, just love the service and prices for local Aussies.