Posted by Whiteshade (12/16/17 01:14 AM)
it is pleasurable at its worst?
You'll probably puke all over the place.

This is such a confusing article.
I've just prepared an oz into a little slimy resin. It might work it might not.
We shall see.
Posted by mousetopher (08/19/11 10:05 AM)

@HerbBaker - don't shit on the article if you're not going to back up your words. If there's misinformation, please share to benefit the rest of us. The only point I have enough experience to contest is the fact that the red version of A. muscaria does grow in the US, in the west/PNW, while several of the orangey-yellow variations are found on the east.

@OP - thank you for the info and your perspectives!

Posted by Aushadhi (08/13/10 05:20 PM)
Is there a way to prepare it so you can put it in capsules instead of drinking it?

Blessed Be!
Posted by fishcitizen (04/12/10 04:25 PM)

i have heard so many different things about this mushroom that im skeptikal about taking it. id just like to know if its less lethal when you boil it? or what.
Posted by HerbBaker (11/15/09 05:09 AM)
This article is so full of misinformation i dont know where to start...
Posted by dickenz07 (10/27/08 12:30 AM)
My question is about the statement regarding the 3:1 cap to stem ratio....can u use just caps..or do you need both?
Posted by T42 (12/11/06 08:32 PM)
Great article, it may be the answer I am looking for in the proper way to use Amanita muscaria.  One question, though. When you write "This WILL NOT affect the activity of the end product, it only makes ingestion more difficult", don't you mean "it only makes ingestion less difficult"? If I understand correctly, the finer the powder, the easier the ingestion?
Posted by leonardox5 (11/07/06 08:53 AM)


I take it,one has to swallow all the ground mushroom?or do all the vitamins go into the water?