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"Equally remarkable and strange is the extremely subtle and elusive narcotic substance contained in fly-agarics, which retains its effectiveness permenantly and can be transmitted to other persons: the effect of the urine form eating one of the same mushrooms can be transmitted to a second person, the urine affects a third, and similarly, unchanged by the organs of this animal secretion, the effect appears in a fourth and a fifth person."

I'm curious of this practice... I've read a few books mention Siberian shamans would eat the mushrooms, save the urine and medicate his peeps with a shot... the psilocybin converts to psilocin and thus urine is highly psychoactive. 

JRE podcast explains this concept a few times,  but we define is hung up on drinking urine.  Yes it's taboo and gross but fact is it's totally safe to do.  I've never have gotten the nerve to do so myself because my wife declared she'd not kiss me if i did. 

Still I'm interested in the concept.  Does it apply with all psychoactive mushrooms?  What about other psychedelic substances?  Would it work like the qoute suggests,  person 1 drinks active urine,  blast off, unloads in person 2 cup and 2 blast off,  repeat for person 3, "4 & 5"?  Does it work like that? 
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No doubts each and every plant we see has a purpose. to list all of them is simply impossible. Yet to focus on the ones with divine use like life enahncing or curing deseases or openining chakra is surely a good thing.
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well.... this was translated ...(we're told) from 1809. Im sure there are going to be errors. especially when translated to english.

 I too would really like to know where this text originated from. Awhile back I stumbled on to a forum which people took fly-agaric(A.M.) and used it to work out. I was wondering if any one has heard of this and can tell me if it might be a bad idea. For my first time taking them, I'm almost certain i will not make it to the weight room, but I do plan to test them out for work out enhancing purposes as well as my primary purpose; spiritual.
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Where was this originally posted? Aside from the numerous spelling errors, the very first sentence kind of throws one off considering mushrooms aren't widely accepted as part of the plant kingdom