Posted by Imli (06/04/20 02:33 AM)
Greetings, i have some edible mushrooms growing in dead log and im unsure if its a shiitake 
Posted by Deshyvin (02/03/18 02:25 PM)
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Posted by Humble Newcomer (03/20/17 09:13 PM)
Has anyone harvested their own logs and done an outdoor shiitake log grow from innoc to flush?

I always read that the time of year when you cut the log is crucial as during the winter the tree accumulates sugars to act as a natural antifreeze, and the shiitake love that in the wood. 

I live on the south coast of the US and most trees never lose their leaves, i'm sure sugar levels climb but when most resources i read say i can harvest my logs in late winter / early spring (right now), i assume that does not apply to me. 

My question to the wonderful collective mind of the Shroomery is :

I have a large oak that needs trimming. I don't know what kind of oak it is, but it has huge branches of 4-6" diameter that need to be trimmed. This whole situation is speaking to me, i have the perfect amount of time to cut my own logs (8-10) and innoculate them and have them colonized by christmas and give to close friends and family (understanding they may need another month or two before setting to fruit). 

is this dream possible?  Will shiitake grow on a tree that i cut in mid-late march in warm temperatures? (today was probably 85deg and 85%humidity already, coastal texas)
It may not have any of the accumulated sugars.    I am ok with 50% yields, will it grow at all on a log cut at a bad time/climate?

I have 300 shiitake plugs on the way, they arrive in about a week. I ordered because i'm finding some threads with Shiitake PF tek i can try immediately innoc'ing with plugs in a SAB. 

Many thanks.