Posted by the man (04/12/20 12:53 AM)
successfully cultivated up to canadian zone 3b, multi year beds with smal amount of attention. water, leaf mulch cover.
Posted by fuckthepopulation (06/22/18 03:00 AM)
I could not access any of the links unfortunately.
Would anybody be willing to look up what zone Tasmania (Australia) falls under they are a natural variety here but I'd like to bed able to find out everything I can for future research on indoor and outdoor methods.
Specifically Plisocybe Subaeruginosa.
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Posted by Deshyvin (02/03/18 02:30 PM)
All 3 Zone map links are 404 . file not found.
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Posted by rev0kadavur (10/12/13 04:22 PM)
California Zones 9-10 are good zones too!
Posted by Forager (02/15/11 07:18 PM)
I'm in a location in which the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone is approximately 3-4.  I was interested in cultivating Psilocybe Azurescens, although these typically grow in a 6, 7, or 8 (as mentioned above).  I believe I have access to a sufficiently shaded and moist location, would a patch I established still fruit in the fall?  Is the USDA Hardiness scale related only to minimum temperature, or does it somehow incorporate maximum temp?  I know these mushrooms are native to Oregon, what is the year-round temperature range like there?  I am basically trying to decide if I will be able to get my bed to fruit once in the fall, and if there is any possibility of the bed surviving the winter to fruit another year.