Posted by merch137 (06/29/18 04:36 PM)
Americanus observed in vt in the south and I think I found one at the northern tip on the same border
Posted by ent (02/26/18 05:42 AM)
Psilocybe alutacea should be added to Victoria, Australia. Source:

Psilocybe alutacea, Psilocybe papuana, Psilocybe tasmaniana should be added to NSW, Australia. Source:

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Posted by Psilocybeater112 (08/21/17 05:01 PM)

Psilocybe Strictipe needs adding to the UK. 
Posted by noltoc (08/29/16 06:21 PM)
I created this quick link thread for Washington section:
Posted by Jacu (11/07/15 06:35 AM)
Psilocybe semilanceata needs to be added to Poland
Posted by subduer (10/31/15 11:23 AM)
Any Information about iran, more specifically guilan forests?
Posted by countrymushroom77 (10/04/15 05:33 AM)
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Posted by Nemezy (12/25/14 08:53 AM)
It would be nice to see information on Cyprus
Posted by heelsplitter (07/12/14 09:25 PM)
Pluteus phaeocyanopus needs to be added for California:
Posted by heelsplitter (06/17/14 07:42 PM)
Conocybe cyanopus also needs to be added under Arizona.

Posted by cheesesteakalike (05/11/14 08:47 PM)
Posted by heelsplitter (05/08/14 07:37 AM)
Psilocybe hopii needs to be added to the list for Arizona.

Posted by steelreserve (04/23/14 10:52 AM)
Posted by Lepkaun (03/31/13 01:12 PM)
Conocybe cyanopus needs to be added to Idaho.Evidence here:
Posted by Lepkaun (03/31/13 01:06 PM)
Conocybe cyanopus needs to be added to Idaho. Evidence here:
Posted by Icelandic16 (10/18/11 06:33 PM)
Psilocybin semilanceata 
Posted by Icelandic16 (10/18/11 06:32 PM)
Psilocybin Semilanseata
Posted by Madcaps (10/16/11 07:48 AM)

gymnopolis palmicola and Pluteus salicinus  need to be added to florida
Posted by Oboy (08/14/11 08:56 AM)
Theese mushroom species should be added to the list of Swedish psilocybin mushrooms:

Conocybe cyanopus: Reliable evidence here:
Pluteus salicinus: Also supposed to grow in sweden.

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Posted by Darwin23 (10/09/10 12:08 PM)

Where's Delaware?
Posted by lagrange6420 (06/27/10 08:11 PM)
Last december we found A. Muscaria in southeastern mississippi. Growth doesn't stop in mississippi over the dead of winter, it just slows down :) It was a beautiful specimen too, but we didn't know how to ID it at the time *sob We didn't even have a general idea of what it looked like... why I signed up for the shroomery.
Posted by cigo (07/12/09 04:30 AM)
Hello, guys this is cool,and i want to fill the list, i read in vikipedia.
That in my country is growing 11 species of psicolobins and in this list there isnt my country.
so if its possible fill it!:D


And list:

1.)Psilocybe bullacea
2.)Psilocybe coprophila
3.)Psilocybe crobula
4.)Psilocybe inquilina
5.)Psilocybe merdaria
6.)Psilocybe merdicola
7.)Psilocybe muscorum
8.)Psilocybe montana
9.)Psilocybe physaloides
10.)Psilocybe rhombispora
11.)Psilocybe semilanceata

Thanks !
Please when this will be added, if it will be ... pm me!:)
Posted by chizzlethizzle (06/09/09 08:13 AM)
Where's Nevada?
Posted by herd (03/18/09 01:56 PM)
 how come michael kuo says, "Edibility for Gymnopilus liquiritiae is not recorded, but it is so bitter than no one would want to eat it (and, for fans of Gymnopilus spectabilis, its bitterness is not counterbalanced by any other, um, benefits). Experimentation--in terms of edibility or anything else--is not a good idea." so my question is , is it active?
Posted by JoelKl1 (11/07/08 07:43 PM)
Panaeolus retirugis??? check wiki on this it isn't active. maybe the name has been changed and replaced? mistake? whats up?
Posted by psiloboy (08/16/08 05:16 AM)
copelandia cyanescens in the uk ?
Posted by floydisgod (05/05/08 04:59 PM)
Rhode Island? 
Posted by StrangeTimes (04/02/08 07:51 PM)
Posted by ildanach (07/10/07 08:31 AM)

Good job

Posted by Civ (11/17/06 07:53 PM)

Panaeolus subbalteatus
Psilocybe cyanafibrillosa

Needs to be added to the list of  actives in California.