Posted by Blu (01/04/14 10:39 PM)

I remember the mystical aspect to the hunt all the way back to the first time I hunted for them, & tripped that same night as many more were drying hidden in a back room (was living with parents). That first hunt was with 2 other people (before I moved to where I am now adjacent to a cow field ;-) & I knew nothing about identifying, but there were SO many cubes it was pretty easy to catch on & collect more of the same. I ate my first cubes while still in that field & began to trip before we even left. I'll never forget it. I ate the most perfect, pretty looking cubes that I picked myself. Which was not smart, but back then I knew nothing of dangers regarding poisonous look alikes, I knew nothing about any possibilities of death due to eating the wrong ones (I believe that boosted my trip though, because I had NO fear & pure determination).

What I've been getting at is during that trip, I believed I could "hear" the massive load of mushrooms drying in the other room. I could feel the pull & could sense them. I could never find the right words to describe this, but ever since that first time I've been concentrating on that same pull during every hunt.

I have been going into my own field alone for literally a decade now. No other drugs, just mushrooms. Whenever I get the opportunity.

Life is sweet.

Posted by Icelandic16 (10/18/11 07:59 AM)
My best hunts are when i take 1g of dried Psilocybin Semilanceata( Liberty caps) producing a mild "stoning" effect, with some visual enhancement , this makes them stick out like a sore thumb !

Posted by kharshroomer (10/07/09 11:01 AM)
yea they really grow in lawns. i live in scotland and i just found 150 liberty caps in my neighbours garden.
Posted by devil666 (11/23/08 05:33 PM)

can they really grow in peoples lawns dude
Posted by fiasco (03/06/08 11:26 PM)

canadian mushrooms

Posted by freakinston (06/15/07 10:49 AM)
wat kind of mushroms grow in toronto.?