Posted by straightedges (06/12/18 06:13 AM)
Hi there,

First pick not exactly sure what to look for I was told to look for caramel brown top white stems that were solid this is what I found some id's would be great thanks!
Posted by weestu (09/26/12 03:59 AM)
hey folks im new to mushroom pickin me and my fiancee found 260 liberty caps and we took them and the trip was verry colourful and that was the first time i took any shrooms and i loved it and will deffo be pickin more.
Posted by jdprince12 (02/02/12 10:10 AM)

I moved to puerta rico about 4 months ago, and my father in law owns 4 acres of land theres a river damn in back of the house, where the climate is moist, now you see im new to picking shrooms, i havent tripped yet, and iam really looking forward to it, the thing is im surrounded by horse manure, moisture, mountains and the tropics, i feel like im surrounded by shrooms, my question is, where do i look? i found some white caps with black gills no stem, on tree bark? can someone please give me some info, for my next hunt, what i should be looking for? thanx jdprince12.

Posted by aprilfourth (10/06/11 11:49 AM)
Hello All. I just signed up for an account today. I have experience growing mushrooms. But, I would love to know how to find Tampanensis (philosopher stones) in the wild. Any comments and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have spores for the Tampanensis and am going to try and grow the Sclerotia in a controlled environment. I still think it would be awesome to find some in the wild. Thanks ya'll.
Posted by dillyf (07/11/10 02:34 PM)
where should i post this info to get some help identifying a mushroom?

Posted by Psycomystic (06/14/10 07:59 PM)
good question! i vote Grow your own :)
Posted by Barnum (05/31/09 09:24 PM)
So if I get some shrooms and I can't tell what kind of shroom it is I can just post it here and have people
identify it?