Posted by Boomers2go (04/23/12 05:58 PM)
This is about the above :

How to Grow Psychedelic Mushrooms. How much can you get out of a jar? Or what is the best way to do a bulk grow? the same way as above or differently. I need help and i dont have a pressure cooker if i need it i will get it.. I only have 3 months is it enough time to do a bulk grow?

I need detail information. I did this back in the day but i forgot how to do it and i need to make some money.


Posted by Dthizzle (05/18/11 09:49 PM)

Great TEK. Could you use brown rice flour and verm with the same success? Just curious as this is what I have on hand for the 6 cakes I am going to put into a fruiting chamber and pretty much blew through all my money already. would like to try 4 Jars with this method if it alows for the use of BRF.
Posted by zappateer (12/07/10 10:19 AM)
I've read several teks which recommend simmering the water and grain before putting them in a jar to be pressure cooked. However, based on your procedure I gather that you find this step unnecessary. Is this just to save time or does it make no difference. Does the grain soak up all the water during pressure cooking?

Thanks. Nice tek, by the way.
Posted by cbraddy15 (12/04/06 06:38 AM)
wow you have really worked out all of the kinks in this method. you should try to do the same for the rye and birdseed methods. but i like how you showed details for every stage of growth. nicely done.