Posted by StAlfonso (09/28/14 09:30 AM)
Rice method for drying is interesting.  I'm going to try a de_hydrater with now heating element.
Posted by justin_t_m.30 (06/23/14 12:12 PM)
Looking for info and tips using 5 grain spone bags. Want to know if I can find very large spore bags so I can inoculate one huge grow so I can do a large scale grow. I got 2 bags from Internet and one is almost ready to birth. Need a few tips on this tek and also I am using casting mix also to grow the mycelium
Posted by tonyreaper (08/15/12 02:05 AM)
very thorough tek...enjoyed it. i will def try a jar casing on my first round to see how that works out for me...this will def help me along the way.
Posted by zappateer (12/07/10 10:06 AM)
Nice tek, thanks. Many teks advise simmering the grain and water before putting them in a jar to be pressure cooked. Based on your tek, I gather that you find this step unnecessary. Is this to save time or does it just make no difference?
Posted by figgusfiddus (02/05/07 08:52 AM)
Wait, so you add the spores dry? Wouldn't they be distributed over a much larger area in the jar much more quickly if they're in a water suspension, like most teks? I don't think this would be nearly as effective.