Posted by Jakeoncid419 (06/26/18 08:58 AM)
 Should I first isolate on Agard or will I be fine just inoculating with a SS? It%u2019s not a big deal for me to isolate,  I don%u2019t have any dishes at the moment and I would like to start immediately will it make a big difference should I wait and use agar? I%u2019ve grown lots of cubes bulked to straw logs but haven%u2019t done much with manure. What%u2019s the best way to pasteurize? I have access to Franc I have access to Fresh grass feed horse manure I%u2019d imagine that would still be better than store bought? I%u2019m a bit of a perfectionist and would love a mentor for my first go round with copes!%uD83D%uDE4F%uD83D%uDC4D%uD83D%uDE2C~jake
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Posted by KThunderland (12/22/11 11:00 AM)
Great thanks, how bad is the maure gonna stink when  i PC it? lol