Posted by catfaceislander (09/29/16 11:50 PM)
Good info, lots of free poo near my place luckily.
Posted by ksm (04/07/16 12:12 AM)
When spawning to a larger tray to put into a fruiting chamber, should I remove the colonized tray and do a dunk and roll?
Posted by gnomeHunter (09/18/14 04:11 PM)
Lov3 the sense of humor. This is first I've heared of mixing straw and manure, although it make perfect sense. Good job.
Posted by votdf (02/04/14 11:37 PM)
Thanks for the info.
Posted by alaska_mushrooms (09/29/13 08:42 PM)

You can also search the internet for Dehydrated Manure, it is easy to work with, odorless, and 1lb of it dehydrated horse manure has the nutrient equivalent of almost 10 pounds of fresh manure. It is also great for storage, takes less space.  It will need to be pasteurized.

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Posted by mustangallie (09/09/12 03:01 AM)
This is great information, and written in the best way possible for people to understand it. I loved it and learned a lot! I do have a question though. by "Desired Recipe" are you referring to the spore mixture?

I'm so excited to start my grow, I have a system that I'm going to set up where I can grow up to 4 or 5 strains at once. :)
Posted by valleyboy (12/29/09 01:50 AM)
Very informative, thank you!
Posted by KhameleonKid (12/01/08 02:28 PM)

I'm also a noob and heard that seabird guano is also very good. I was going to use the seabird guano and verm or gypsum. I was wondering if that would work correctly. also the guano is 10-10-2 is that too much nitogren and phosphorus? i guess my main question is can i substitute the BRF for the seabird guano and still grow SAFE mushrooms succefully?
Posted by futurama_fan (07/09/07 12:04 AM)
hi, now im a huge noob, like i know nothing, but im tryin to learn. "after pasteurising, drain it, squeeze and drain it some more, fluff it up, and mix it with your spawn." is spawn needed for this to work? what will happen if it is not mixed in with your pasteurised poo and straw? will you get any mushrooms at all? if so, will they be good? if you can answer any of my questions i would appreciate it. thnx :)
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Posted by I8thesh400m (01/16/07 10:23 PM)

Very informitive indeed. Let me add that sometimes innoculating the substrate with spores will boost it.
 I have however in some cases had stray spores contaminate, watch out. Hay works great in conjunction with the cow poo, i use a 70% hay 30% poo mix and its worked good so far.
 wish i had a dang camera

Posted by shirley knott (11/05/06 05:56 AM)
very informative