Posted by Robert__11 (06/07/08 01:41 AM)
dry them????
ive never had raw shrooms but dried are fun and even more fun with close open mind friends:) and i know what you mean about the "have to look for the hallusinations" it happend to me when i took some acid laced "e-bombs", i saw a aztec dragon (think of a aztec painting of a dragon really abstrat but was no doubt a dragon)chilling in my buddies driveway,it was my first and only time doing acid. on shrooms i discoved myself. For that moment in my life i knew the meaning of life and how to enjoy it and what needs to be fixed to make everything  wonderful and happy, though this mind set changed like every hour, i also disovered newthings every minute. btw ive only done P.cubensis i dont know what strain it was though. but these are just my expricense just word of advise that works for me is to remember to always go with the flow. but heads i'm guessing they taste alot nastier but i find them to be unnoticable under cheese on a pizza, i hear pb&j sandwich work. from reading your "trip report" i feel like you didnt enjoy much it seems like you were doing a hour by hour analizes when ever i trip i have trouble staying fouces for longer then and hour untill i start coming down.  well im not here to convince you to do them just here to say dont close your mind.