Posted by magicmikesmushroom (03/17/13 09:01 PM)
New Here...So one of my most memorable times was when I was 17 about 17 yrs ago. I ended up with a bag of Some purplish colored mushies. And It was all mine a 1/8  I guess. I munched them all down and well Time did not exist it was like my first breath of life ever. I was in the middle of creation. I could do anything with my mind. I was sure if I concentrated hard enough that I could make you orgasm just by looking at you. I also just got Busta rhymes new album. First time I listened to it  I was  submerged in a world that was just born of my own mind. I was totally positive Busta was a super hero that was sending me his message . And his message at that time was jumbled so I just sat there. Oh also we were in a small 3 room apartment. I would sit in the bathroom for  a few minutes and keep switching rooms as I felt trapped. But couldn't leave because it  was evil outside.

There was many other times. But Busta Rhymes was in my head heavy after that.
Posted by goomes (11/23/10 05:28 PM)
was an amazing experience