Posted by Q_T (02/15/24 12:33 AM)
I%u2019m cute as a teapot :3

Posted by Mnmadman420 (02/09/24 07:07 AM)
Hi so I'm a backwoods hick and I got a bunch of syringes with spores and I've never done this before but I got a big tub I put that Coco's brick stuff in the tub boil my water made sure my temp was right two tablespoons of gypsum and then I took my pressure cooked rice kind of me a little pods in one bin and then just mixed up a bunch in the other bin I took my syringe and just sort of stabbed it in and that's it I was about 10 days ago and I want to show a picture see if I did anything right
Edited 2/9/2024 8:08 AM
Posted by MadMan1000 (01/12/24 10:09 PM)
Has anyone tried the dung substrate from North Spore on pans?

Really wanna get into growing pans but I%u2019d much rather order my substrate than make it. 
Posted by adcec00 (01/08/24 11:47 AM)
How do I add a pics guys ? 
Posted by bktolbert8000 (12/18/23 04:58 PM)
Hello all, I am a newbie and I am very interested in learning about shrooms. Any information or guidance would be greatly appreciated.  I would love to harvest my own shrooms. 
Posted by Grendel88 (10/19/23 11:45 AM)
Good morning all! 
Hi I am new here and look forward to learning more I am truly a beginner in what I am trying to do, I learn very fast and ask a lot of dumb questions %uD83E%uDD78. With that said please feel free to make fun of me I do have thick skin.. 
my goal here is to learn about spore, myc., and substrates for the growth of each strain. Be nice to know of books and or people in my area I can connect with . I am a hands on person,
I am a low volt tech. I design lighting and have the ability to create greenhouse controls using plc hardware and software. For large commercial settings. I think k could be of good use to this community idk. 
Have a great day and look forward to this adventure 
Posted by PE13 (10/17/23 02:23 PM)
Hello everybody bring you to the community can't figure out how to post on the message board I was wondering if anybody could chime in on what I'm doing wrong I cannot get the primordia to pin any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Posted by VesMush23 (09/08/23 12:39 PM)
I am in Serbia Novi Sad and am wondering about Fuska Gora any information on locations of growth and good area for harvesting ??
Posted by duffingitup (08/21/23 12:37 PM)
Hi all, very much a newbie and have been growing my first batches from 3x terrariums. Had a couple of good yields, then had to go on holiday and left my house mate instructions on what to do when I was away, as there were a few that needed harvesting a few days after I left. I have a dehydrator and vacuum packer. I've just checked them a few days after my return and they haven't been dried out properly or vacuum sealed properly and they are slimey.... I've put them back in the dehydrator but are these now unsaveable and unedible no matter what I do? Please help...%uD83D%uDE4F thanks 
Posted by Michelle Maya (08/04/23 08:57 AM)
Psychedelics and Psilocybin Mushrooms has been the keywords on everyone's lips nowadays cos of it's health benefits, dont only do it to trip i got my life back from severe depression and anxiety after Macrodosing with shrooms%u2026..Thanks to frenk_delics on Instagram he guided me through my microdosing journey and his products are top notch 
Posted by Davidus56 (07/28/23 07:06 AM)
I have a stupid question. Consider a 3cm tall, maybe 4cm wide cap %u2018medicinal%u2019 mushroom that is subsequently dried. How many grams would such a thing weigh? 5 grams, 10? It seems the average person can get by on very few mushrooms%u2026

Posted by Rpsacks (07/14/23 01:32 PM)
I started cultivating blue meanie natalensis its been over 3 weeks I put a nether layer of substrate in the tub the mycelium is still growing but not fruiting 
Posted by Justinanders (07/01/23 09:15 AM)
First timer here. I did grain millet that took about 3 weeks to colonize and moved it over to mono tubs with substrate. It was two weeks before it looked mostly colonized with white fuzz that I%u2019m hoping is myc. Now it%u2019s been two more weeks of misting and fanning with zero change. Did I kill it somehow or does it really take this long? Trying to include a picture for anyone to see. Any pointers would be super appreciated. Thanks
Justin A 
Posted by Don0420 (06/22/23 09:13 PM)
  • Brand new to mushroom growing and my mycelium was bright white and from what I could tell looked good and was starting to get nice whote blob formations. I added a little heat and over night it turned grey, almost all of it. So I was hoping somebody might know why? Is it garbage? I cant figure out how to add a pic but the grey is for sure myc and not mold growing on top of it. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.. thanx%u2026.
Posted by Psilocyburnt (06/17/23 01:07 AM)
New to all of this, but I%u2019ve been doing a lot of research for a couple months now. quick questions. Received a couple agar trays from a guy out of state. One tray was an agar to agar transfer and seemed to have a slight white contamination. Wasn%u2019t sure if it was for sure contamination or not so I did agar to agar transfer to a few other trays. The second tray was a liquid culture to agar and had a lot of small circular white %u201Cdots%u201D I can%u2019t tell if is contaminated or not so I haven%u2019t opened it. I guess what my question is can anyone explain how I would know it was contamination or mycelium growing in strange pattern due to water on the agar from the transfer. 
Posted by Christopher shroom (05/17/23 04:43 AM)
Amateur here. I need help finding a distributor that will ship to me.
The one I was using just disappeared. Please can someone help

EditPosted by (05/13/23 01:37 PM)
i dont know how to post pics lol just ignore that
EditPosted by (05/13/23 01:34 PM)
how long do you think these have left til harvest?
Edited 5/13/2023 3:36 PM
Posted by buza (04/09/23 03:15 PM)
Newbs is the highest standard of products all atamazingprices. Great guy with the best customer service and support. I only have great experiences with working with him. I  would never order from anyone else. Customer for life. 
Posted by Blove (04/02/23 10:10 AM)
Newbie here. 

I made a mistake by not taking the seal off my drying substance and my mushrooms turned black and are moist as well as stink. Are they garbage?

Edited 4/2/2023 11:17 AM
Posted by LegoManiak (03/21/23 11:29 PM)
New to the community, I have found so many helpful posts here and am learning a ton. I am a super beginner at growing and have been trying to consume as much info as I can. I got my first syringes of spores from SporeWorks back in December and have 4 mono tubs going right now. 2 Golden Teachers, a B and a Treasure Coast. The first tub of GTs is starting to fruit and is a bit slower than I thought it would be%u2026I am growing at an altitude of 9500ft and it%u2019s dry as a bone up here but I want to make sure I%u2019m not over misting and potentially slowing things down on my own or setting myself up for a huge disappointment. If anyone has grown at high altitudes in the mountains I could use some guidance. God bless! 


Posted by ALBiZU (02/21/23 11:31 PM)

Hey what up . Pretty funny but just curious if any of you actually play Clash Royale ? 

If so , I just made a new clan anyone can join . I started it fresh and I just made it because I wanted to connect more with people I play with all the time since high school . I just made with the intention of sharing life experiences/ or trip experiences ( which is what I like really ) and destroying noobs as usual . Please join , it doesn%u2019t matter if you are just starting either  

Click this link to join my Clan in Clash Royale!

If that doesn%u2019t work it%u2019s called . 

%uD83C%uDF44Tripadelic - blue rocket emblem i%uD83C%uDF44

Im R3AL G , first 10 maybe 15 people will get promoted to elder 

Posted by rShroom_growers (01/21/23 05:32 AM)
Took me so long to figure out how to post here! %uD83D%uDE02

So I have 1 regular and 1 large GetMagic kit and 1 Mondo regular kit inside an upside down large tote to simulate a humidity dome/greenhouse. The kits are placed on the upside down lid and then the tote is sealed over the top. I can keep a temperature of between 19 and 20 celcius and make sure the walls and roof of the dome are completely misted to retain humidity. The bags inside are nicely misted up also so everything seems to be working fine. I have a heavy blanket with a nice fleece lining which is now in the washing machine. I am going to dry it and place it, fleece side down, over my tote to help build a higher temperature. Is this an OK thing to do since I've washed the blanket specifically for this purpose and everything else is sterilised using 75% isopropyl alcohol? I live in a 1 bed apartment and have my daughter 3 nights a week so I am limited in my freedom to have an extravagant setup until we move into our new apartment, which will be sometime this year. For now, this seems to be the best way I can think of to keep a regular temp and humidity for my mushies. When I being fruiting, I'll open all the bags up inside the tote and just lift the tote up slightly and use a motorised hand fan to shoot fresh air in and seal it back down to keep them protected. What do you guys think? I hope I've been descriptive enough. Thanks for any information you can share with me. 

Mush Love! %uD83C%uDF44%uD83D%uDC9A%uD83C%uDDEE%uD83C%uDDEA 

This is the setup

Edited 1/21/2023 12:33 PM
Posted by Melly4736 (01/18/23 11:01 PM)
 Ok pretty sure my posting is harder than it needs to be But anyway. Bought penis envy, sterilized everything. Bag started showing fungus. So as on utube. i got 2 containers. Emptied bag into containers both sterilized. One containet first had these green shoots come up, in a day or 2 then i could see actual shroom coming up in between the green things. It happened all over container. 2nd container nothing. But there was a weird hairy stuff sprouting all over soil. Should i pick it all out. I transplanted 5 into this container. I mist them 3-5 times a day. First container they grow 1/2 inch over night.  I need help/info please
I put up pictures under Melly 4736. But couldnt download pics onto here to show how they looked. My email
smothers_melanie@yahoo. I can send pics that way. 
This site makes it way too hard for linking chat an pics. Frustrating. 

Posted by Nero frank (12/27/22 10:46 PM)

Microdosing is absolutely safe to indulge every day. Any dosage 0.5 and under works to improve/enhance focus, creativity, and abilities on finding solutions - without sacrificing or declining cognitive function. With intention, dose is just right to activate deep healing within. I'll recommend they're well known in the field and their psychedelic products are topnotch. they guided me through.

Posted by Essx (12/13/22 06:59 AM)
I have no idea how to liquify it. Any tips would be great 
Posted by Essx (12/13/22 06:57 AM)
Hi, I saw where a university had volunteers take dmt through an iv, anybody know how they made the dmt into a liquid that can pass through an iv? 
Posted by SPYDER1969 (12/12/22 08:24 AM)
Hello I just wanted to know if anyone has bought any spore syringes from RARE BREED GENETICS? I placed an order and RECIEVED confirmation of payment and never heard from them again. It's been 3 weeks and I have left several MSSGS and RECIEVED Zno response and I never received my syringes. I believe it's an unscrupulous sellet
Posted by Papa_Shroom (12/06/22 07:47 PM)
Greetings friends,
I have found much information here and I have had some very good results and have had a few bad monotubs, but overall, good outcomes. Now I have a monotub with P.Envy and some odd looking shrooms with a normal appearance but with this white spot on top of the cap...Any comments or direction would be helpful...

Thank you all.


Edited 12/6/2022 7:48 PM
Posted by Nero frank (11/06/22 09:14 AM)
Microdosing psilocybin mushrooms and psychedelics is very important and helpful to those who are suffering from migraines, depression and anxiety, it helped me get rid of my long term episode it's a lifesaver for me. I'll recommend frenk_delics on Instagram he's well known in the field and his psychedelic products are the best. He guided me through my microdosing journey. 
Edited 12/28/2022 6:42 AM
Posted by mark Alfred (11/01/22 11:14 PM)
Hello folks I am new here I need an assistant on how things works here and how help can be render on this platform 
Posted by Frenk pete (10/31/22 04:28 PM)

microdosing psilocybin mushrooms  helped get rid of my lifelong migraines, depression and anxiety, it's a lifesaver for me. I'll recommend they're well known in the field and their psychedelic products are topnotch. they guided me through.

Edited 10/31/2022 11:31 PM
Posted by Mess6969 (10/26/22 02:02 AM)
I want to know why DMT don't do s*** to me I've done it 10 times and nothing what's wrong with me I want to go to sleep tonight I'm very into my dreams I remember all of them I love sleep I'm all about spirituality and still nothing what the f*** any answers would be nice I think I might be dead or have no soul

Posted by Jliron (09/18/22 11:55 AM)
So the Facebook group banned me and all I%u2019ve done there is post pictures of my grow.  WTF is up with those people.  
Posted by Mickey blue eyes (09/02/22 09:53 AM)
Hi I have know about fmrc for years I am just rarely in Pensacola, I'm always 100 miles away or more. 
I am in Pensacola for the Labor day Holliday and will be here till Thursday. I understand that fmrc has  inoculated fields  here in Pensacola for field trips. I so, seriously want to go on a field trip.
Will someone please call me and speak with me about a research field trip please. 850-928-8477.
Thanks, mickey blue eyes.  09/02/2022.
Posted by C.A620 (08/21/22 09:54 AM)
Hi everyone new here,wondering if there are any vendors in Australia?
Posted by fungiseeker (08/05/22 06:13 PM)
Hi everyone.
I'm new here. Can someone recommend me a distributor who can ship to Mexico?

I would appreciate any info 

Posted by Stem cappin (07/18/22 03:47 PM)
Hello everyone. New here. Looking to get a kit n try my hand for the first time. I am in the states and tried to order from the sponsored sight but couldn%u2019t due to my location. Can anyone please point me in the right direction? Any help would be much appreciated 
Posted by Mrs.Kissit (07/17/22 08:58 AM)

Hi there...

I love mushroom soup and this brings me to my question.

Has anyone tried it ? ...Making mushroom soup from Psilocybe cubensis ?

  • 3 cups cauliflower florets (2-inch pieces)

  • 1 Oz dried "Shrooms" cut into 1/2-inch pieces

  • 1 Medium sized red bell pepper, cut into 1-inch pieces

  • 1 tablespoons plus 1 teaspoons olive oil

  • 1/2 tablespoon Thyme Leaves

  • 1/2 teaspoon Ground Cumin

  • 1 cups chopped onions

  • 4 cups reduced sodium vegetable broth

  • 1/4 teaspoon Ground Black Pepper

Posted by TripDrip33 (06/25/22 01:27 PM)

Hey everyone. So I'll start by saying this is my first grow and I've done extensive research before giving it a go. On 6/19/2022 I inoculated 10 1 quart jars and 4 2.5 lbs bags. Half PE Half JMF. After 5 days I decided to take a look. I can see visible mycelium in all the jars except 1. It's small but it's going. I did my best to not move anything around and put them back. As for my bags I have nothing. Not a single white spec. I know it's still early but I've been debating on injecting the remaining spore fluid I have into the bags. Is that a bad idea? Each of the jars were inoculated with 1 cc of spore syringe fluid. Each bag has 2ccs and I have 1 cc of each remaining. I chose to use whole oats for this also. I think I might wait another week and if the bags have not yet shown any growth I may try to inoculate them again. Or am I able to take mycelium from a jar and transplant it into a bag? Please help.....
Posted by Crombadabombom (06/22/22 06:30 AM)
Hi everyone, 

First time grower here. I'm fruiting Psylocibe Cubensis, but it's full of fungus gnats (I believe) and has tricadermic molds. The young pins are turning blue very rapidly! Is this a humidity problem or heat? It's been hot here (maybe 30 degrees Celsius). 

Apple cider vinegar is not working on the gnats and I can't afford hydrogen peroxide for the mold. Is it still possible to get a flush from this?

Honestly,  I need something out of this, because I'm struggling with my mental health for far too long. 

Edited 6/22/2022 1:31 PM
Posted by TripDrip33 (06/21/22 11:31 PM)
Whats up everyone? I am a complete newbie but I have done so much research. 6/19 I inoculated 10 whole oat grain Jars and 4 2.5lbs bags. Half PE and half JMF. Today I noticed very little growth in two of the jars. I can't express how excited I am. I was a little afraid on having too much water at first but after sterilization they cooled off and look perfect. I am currently keeping in a dark place with a small space heater. I was curious tho..... the heater has a temp control and is set at 80F. But I also have a thermometer guage in there and it's reading 76F. If the contained area temp is 76F wouldn't the temp inside of the Jars be less? I just turned up the space heater to 86F and am going to check my guage in a few hours. If anyone has any answers or advice for a new guy feel free. I am always willing to expand my knowledge base. Love yall 

Posted by Anni661 (06/21/22 11:20 PM)
I'm looking for friends of MPowers I'm in need of help and advice to help MPowers he sent me help to see who can help me. 
Posted by Porkchopexpress (06/17/22 12:05 PM)
I have some gulf coast pinning right now and they%u2019re starting to turn dark on the tips. Some have grown as much as an inch and a half then turned a blue color on the cap. Not sure what%u2019s going on. First time growing after researching the process. 
Posted by Smroom1126 (04/22/22 06:13 AM)][image][/image][/url]
Posted by friendlyfungus (04/13/22 04:29 PM)

Posted by Cassandra A (03/22/22 07:28 PM)
Hello friends and family shroomheads wonder if anyone can point me to the direction of a live culture vendor II unfortunately have gone through 2 vendors and both have been contaminated do not go to Little shop of spores They do not respond I got 3 cultures all of them were contaminated so I'm we're contaminated so please everyone do not go there bad news bad Juju  I'm a bit of a Cocoa puff so I'm needing to medicinal no reasons start as soon as possible anyone know of a good fast vendor for LC
Posted by Linda Hegarty 71 (03/13/22 11:50 PM)

Posted by Ankhseramun (02/16/22 02:53 AM)
Didn't say shit, proceed as usual
Edited 3/11/2022 12:07 PM
Posted by Cosboxsh (02/10/22 01:00 AM)
Hey there enlightened people just wondering if anyone from Aus has any spores thy could share for research purposes.

Posted by Daggamon 1 (02/02/22 12:48 AM)

Posted by wild_aussie (02/01/22 07:05 PM)
Just started my first PC brf sgfc Tek in the PC now did 2:1:1 and 1/4tsp nutritional yeast pet jar any advice anyone can throw out I'm all ears done lots of research watched lots of videos but nothing accounts for actual experience happy day to all
Posted by WeatherMaker (02/01/22 11:19 AM)
Hi guys, I just joined and excited to be part of this community. I%u2019ve been microdosing with golden teachers for the last six months and I%u2019ve had an amazing experience. I occasionally go over the micro during meditation sessions. I have an opportunity to switch/try landslide ATM strain. Can anyone give me their opinion on how they compare with the golden teachers?
Posted by Rufusg1993 (01/10/22 06:51 PM)

New to this just need a bit of advice on starting off. Been a grower of many different things for many years but never grown the mushroom variety. Just wondering if anyone on here had any pointers for beginners on to start of. Had a bit of a look online but bit of a grey area. Is it best to buy grow kits or buy everything individually? And time periods on average of how long to expect the first crop? Any help or guidance anyone has would be much appreciated or any websites or other foroms would be amazing 

Thank you 
Posted by JMOneal1978 (01/07/22 04:54 AM)
Does anyone know about Kesslers Cactus in Tampa FL, and if they are a reliable source for non pc san pedro cactus.  I'm afraid of the guy whose taken over cactus Kate's site he seems real shady.
Posted by Orling (12/18/21 12:25 PM)
Noobe here. Just found a large lions mane growing in the hollow of a silver maple in Butler county, Kansas. Trying to find out how to propagate spores from this specimen. Can anyone here give me guidance?
Posted by Hellboytrip6 (12/13/21 06:15 PM)
Hello all. I am new here and have been wondering some things I seem to have trouble finding. My initial goal in growing was to find the most potent easy to grow combination in a mushroom and thought pan cyan Australian would be good. I used PE I grew in a kit from online that I had to modify to get better fruits. I have been doing on and off research for six months and have found so many beautiful albino cubes that have such blueing I wonder if they have similar potency to the pan cyans? I can%u2019t find anything on potency of many of the kinds I have been seeing with such blueing. Is it something that hasn%u2019t been figured out yet because of the government and their harsh rules? I appreciate any info including links to good sources or just some words, critical or not. I%u2019m a big boy. Lol. Thanks everyone! Also I have done research on P. Azurescnse and I know that some older info can be found stating they are the most potent shroom on the planet, then I found other info stating that was old info and it%u2019s the pan cyans that are in front. I still am behind the learning curve for sure. Thanks again.  
Posted by Mimix3 (12/05/21 09:20 PM)
 The temp in my box where I am keeping my spawn bags that have been inoculated reached 86 degrees. Them and placed them back where they were. Their was is some moisture in one bag and none in the other. Please tell me they will be ok?
Edited 12/5/2021 11:20 PM
Posted by Kotegaeshi.3 (11/21/21 10:07 AM)
Can & how can I reuse mushroom substrate. Do I need to bag it & sterilize it? Or is it worth it?
And I'm glad to have joined this group. Thanks for having me & creating this group. 

Edited 11/21/2021 11:11 AM
Posted by MYC0DELIC (11/19/21 01:22 PM)
High everyone. I am on my first rye grain inoculation and things are going well. I%u2019ve gathered everything for my CVG substrate and hopefully will be mixing soon. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you
Posted by Marissababe (10/21/21 03:06 PM)
Hi everyone!

New shroomie in the house! Lol I am wanting to get into micro dosing but have ZERO idea on how to get my hands on them.. I am not really interested in growing at this time, just hoping to try it out and go from there. I am located in NorCal (Bay Area) anyone know where I should go and knows it%u2019s a reparable place.

Thank you friends %uD83D%uDE01 
Posted by Psyconautical (10/21/21 02:50 PM)
Hi guys. I am about to have minor surgery but can not take any blood thinners for a week before hand. My question is, do shrooms thin your blood? 
Posted by Bigmusket (10/03/21 10:28 PM)
Why is it I have never had visuals with hallucinogens? 
Posted by scuffly (10/03/21 08:55 PM)
Hi I%u2019m new here and am a super noob. Just wondering if you can use mushroom compost to grow mushrooms? Has anyone tried Sims mushroom compost?
Posted by RGS (09/18/21 03:29 PM)
Could anyone please look at my photos and tell me what they are. Trying to cure myself without poisoning myself. 
Posted by Graywing (08/29/21 08:51 AM)
Advice for a noobiie. This is my first attempt at grain jars. I have done pf tek. I inoculated 3 strains 6 weeks ago in 7 jars, and only one looks fully colonized. I have a question about the first jar, which has a separate piece of grain that stuck to the top. It looks like cobweb mold growing around it? If it is, should I do anything with it? I%u2019d like to store the fully colonized jars until they%u2019re all ready.

Thank you. I%u2019m an ole lady, looking to heal myself, any kind help would be appreciated. Now I just have to figure out how to upload my images. %uD83D%uDE10

Posted by Fungalearth (08/17/21 12:47 AM)
mushroom identification Question%u2026

Recently went online to buy a Pearl Oyster (Pleurotus Ostreatus) syringe and came across 

Pleurotus Ostreatus - (Elm Oyster)

I thought the elm oyster was a Hipsizygus Ulmarius and emailed the supplier wondering which one it was. 

Long story short apparently it is a Pleurotus not a Hipsizygus Ulmarius

I can%u2019t find anything that confirms this. As a newbie to mushrooms can someone please explain to me if this is right or not. 

Thank you!


Edited 8/17/2021 0:44 AM
Posted by IArciniega (07/27/21 07:48 PM)

Edited 7/28/2021 12:44 PM
Posted by Sporeme (04/24/21 10:22 AM)
Hey everyone!!! My cakes of cubensis are in the fruiting chamber. It%u2019s been a couple weeks now. The humidity is 99-100%, and the temp is 65-72. A few little aborts popped out, but other than that, nothing. I%u2019m thinking they need more light? They currently get non direct light from the far window all day. I also think maybe more frequent air exchange? I%u2019m in San Diego. Maybe I should re-dunk them for a few hours?  Any ideas or suggestions would be awesome!!! 
Edited 4/25/2021 9:54 AM
Posted by metamystic (01/02/21 09:38 PM)
How's it going everyone? I have a question I was wondering about in regards to grain spawn -- has anybody ever tried rye berries and BRF together? (Maybe with a pinch or two of gypsum also.)
Does this seem plausible, if not then why? -- feel free to message since I don't know how to make a post.. :P

Posted by DMM1961 (12/29/20 07:09 AM)
Hello Shroomers!

Glad to be here. Little bit on me.. my grandmother introduced me to sauteed mushrooms and onions by age 5 (standard midnight marigolds(?) ) as a rare steak go-with. First saut
Posted by D Ruga (12/05/20 09:38 PM)
Can somebody look at the pictures I posted on my account and help me identify these mushrooms. I'm new to shrooming and found these on my road. Hoping there psilocybe but I have not found blue bruising. But purple to black spore print was taken

Posted by 1Daytripper (11/13/20 01:58 PM)
Hi as a first time grower I need to ask, when working BFR will a 1500 watt hot plate provide enough heat to sterilize 20 half pint jars ?? I am working with a 23 quart pressure cooker. 
Posted by Shroomiesboi (11/05/20 11:23 AM)
I need some info on some shrooms I picked I've been finding , I have found lots of libertycaps and I would to confirm if the other ones I have picked are magic, both the libertycaps and the the other shrooms were found in a field with horse manure , they are a sort of whiteish Brown with purple brown gills , they also have a very slimey layer them that made them hard to pick , can anyone please help me identify them ?
Posted by davidrivera (09/11/20 09:11 AM)
I liked the information. You have written a good post. Boost your android phone in minutes by tapping the best phone cleaner app
Posted by D-rew (09/05/20 09:46 PM)
Could someone private message me on some questions I have about my newly inoculated jars. It%u2019s my first time and I%u2019m finding that I%u2019m having little problems here and there that I haven%u2019t read about. I only have 2 one pint jars and I inoculated them with 5ml of lc each but am having some questions now. Please any help would be greatly appreciated as I started with the of tek but now I%u2019ve changed things... like using the only jars avalable in a 1 pint size... and so on... please help
Posted by Naturalmeds (08/02/20 01:07 PM)
1st successful grow going.  Started with all in one bag then cut it open and placed in tub with perlite at the bottom.  Trying to upload pictures to ask if my pins look healthy for 1st flush. Any help and insight besides saying build a tek to specs would be appreciated.  I feel they look great compared to other pictures but not much info on purple mystic. Very unique as a good friend had same fruiting times. Fast colonized but slow to mature fruits which I havent received yet. Pins appeared on 27th. 
Posted by boxcar52 (06/29/20 07:26 AM)
need help to identify speceis !!!!! I am in east central MS found growing in horse manure!!!!
Posted by luvmycelium (06/06/20 10:36 AM)
Can someone tell me the place in arizona to buy spores.  I purchased from them before but cant remember the name to look it up and order.  Its been 4-5 years and I want to cultivate again.  
Posted by MasterOfZen (05/12/20 10:27 AM)
Hey everyone! 

Juts now made an account. I'm in my 3rd phase of growing. Started with grain, after 14 days mixed with substrate and let sit for 14 days again. Now it's been 2 weeks and my block got super white with mycelium I believe and is pretty much staying that way. 

All conditions are close to perfect as you'll get and I've been sterile the whole time. Could it take longer to pin as in 3 weeks instead?
(I'm also using light and dark intervals)
Posted by Deltashroom (05/09/20 05:49 AM)
hey im from nz hamilton, wondering how i could get a spore print for Psilocybe cubensis , could someone point me or help me
Posted by Scared newbie (04/18/20 12:34 AM)
Look at pics posted by scared newbie please let me know
Posted by Scared newbie (04/18/20 12:33 AM)
Hello please help...looks like contam or metabolites??? Newbie here
Posted by Sturg48 (04/10/20 12:04 AM)
Hey guys so I haven%u2019t done shrooms in like 2 years I bought 2gs and was curious if they%u2019re legit or not. The caps have a blackish color on top but the insides are like a really solid gold color. The stems are like a silver with a mix of like blackish spots pls let me know what you guys think?
Posted by broncofand (03/06/20 11:38 PM)
Hey everyone, I'm needing help with a shroom question with a purchase I recently conducted. I'm needing to upload the pic but I'm not sure if anyone can help
Posted by Murphme (02/27/20 11:40 AM)
Hello all. I have a friend that started attempting to cultivate mushrooms. They produced quite a few jars just to be safe in case of marginal error. Well, turns out they were very successful and have way too much fruit than that know what to do with. They are looking at what the best long term (1 years) solution is to storage. Does anyone have any methods that are proven? They've looked at a dehydrating them, then Vacuum dealing them with small silica packs to draw all remaining moisture out. Is this the best way? If so, is it true they will  keepf over 2 years? 
Posted by I812 (01/29/20 06:42 PM)
I saw a birdseed video and was wondering if it comes out psychedelic or do I add something to it?
Posted by Shroomsi82 (01/24/20 03:02 PM)
I had a question? I have pre sterilized ryeberry jars I had them heat up n my mega grow kit now was I suppose to shake my jars once about 30%?
Posted by Growgold (08/10/19 09:31 PM)
About 5 days ago I so wanted to bulk substrate three days after it started to smell like sour milk kinda three days after I spawned about her and three days after it started to smell the same way  I can't find anything on it but it's supposed to smell sour but the first few days it smelled fruity thin went sour what to do I have two tubs like this same train but bulk is different should I be worried
Posted by Tight Lunchbox (07/21/19 11:46 PM)
This is a fucking relic.
Posted by Johnswhite11 (07/01/19 12:00 PM)
Hey guys i have 6 cakes that i think i might have pulled out of colonization and into fruition to quick. It has now been 10 days in the fruiting chamber with only 2 mushrooms. And none show signs of pinning. Any advice?
Posted by GMONEY919 (06/17/19 11:02 PM)
So i am using these glass cubes instead of Jars and I've noticed with the extra room inside the slightly moist substrate is causing condensation on the inner walls of the cube .. i was wondering if someone could let me know what a good temp/ humidity should be inside the jar %u201Ccubes%u201D during colonization period and since i dont have holes in my lids because i went about the inoculation a lil differntly.. how could  i go about letting her breathe if necessary.. I would be very grateful if any of u pros out there could give a new shroomer some insight. Thanks 
Posted by SporeBody17 (06/13/19 11:34 PM)

Posted by Fat2incher (06/03/19 09:05 PM)
Message me admin assp
Posted by Deets0413 (06/02/19 09:50 PM)
My first grow and babies in 3 weeks... Is this possible?  Am I seeing them, or are they possibly duds?  I've read heard and researched that they won't be ready to fruit until several weeks in. 

Posted by Interdimensional00 (05/10/19 09:57 PM)
Hey guys. I'm in North Carolina near Raleigh and I want to know if there is any where around here I can find some mushrooms.  I've looked in cow pastures but thats showing no results. If you can, and your close hit me back. I need some info on where I can get them... However.
Posted by Psychedelic buyer (04/13/19 02:34 PM)
Hey guys. I%u2019m looking for someone who can sell me any kind of psychedelic who lives in Minnesota. Hit me up on whickr at liamc141312.
Posted by marklewisjr22k (03/14/19 09:53 AM)
Hit me up if you need some xanax,dmt,loud,shrooms etc reach me on 
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Posted by marklewisjr22k (03/06/19 06:03 AM)

Posted by andersondoclas (03/03/19 03:24 AM)
Quality Lucy (LSD) pm me for details
(wick/r: andersondoclas)
Posted by andersondoclas (03/03/19 03:23 AM)
Quality Lucy pm me for details
(wick/r: andersondoclas)
Posted by andersondoclas (03/03/19 03:02 AM)
Quality Lucy pm me for details

(wick/r: andersondoclas)
Posted by chow5038 (12/31/18 11:57 AM)
does this look right or will i have 2 start overurl=][image][/image][/url
Edited 12/31/2018 1:57 PM
Posted by Gaspare (12/12/18 05:03 PM)
Can I grow shiitake mushrooms like cubensis?
Posted by MarioBrother (11/13/18 01:55 AM)
Hi all, I'm buying some psilocybe cubensis for the first time. Before I do can anyone tell me if
Posted by spacehog (10/17/18 04:33 PM)
one of my jars smell like wine but the mycelium is 90 percent and looks ok can i still birth it
Posted by Yaysdenots (09/11/18 05:30 PM)
I have an urgent question is there such thing as too much humidity during the mycelium growth stage with bags and b plus???? Please help they seem to b going oddly fast 
Posted by thatsTHEstuff20 (09/07/18 10:24 PM)
Hey all! I had a question for any grain specialist out there. Which grain would be the best to start colonizing Golden Teachers in? I%u2019ve ordered colonizing jars off of the internet, but I wanted to start my own shroom farm from scratch. Any grain suggestions would be great :D
Posted by Gregory (06/30/18 06:52 PM)
Quick question, first of all Thanks All for the awsome info. If not for this site and users, i woulda quit long time ago. I got cubes down. 4-7oz dry every time. Sometimes a oz or 2 more. wbs tek/3 monotubs. Im happy with my cubes. Pan Jam time, lol. 2nd attempt. 1st attempt was 3 months into my cultivating career, lol. Catastrophic as u might imagine, lol. Now 3 yrs later im ready for another go at them. My only stupid question is the average number of 1pt jars (wbs) i can  inoculate for spawning with a 10cc syringe ? Im thinking 4, maybe 5 jars ???? Crazy but im stumped, i want simi fast and full colonization and ive just herd so many different answers. Remember, im a rookie on my 2nd attempt so i DONT want to try to stretch out the syringe. Thanks for reading my book, lol. HELLLLLLP MEEEE !!!!! Thanks

Posted by Leppe0701 (06/29/18 03:46 AM)
Hey everyone hope all having a amazing day I'm new to this and live in south africa in Durban anyone on here or fellow durbanites that could point a good place to go hunting for cubes. Any info would be amazing as I don't Wana take the risk of importing spores as badly as I'd like too. 

Posted by Jrod1777 (06/27/18 11:40 PM)
Hey guys,  12 tubs going atm, not to mention the 36 jars hippo made up. Have a major question I've been told both ways... so hippo mono tub is now fullly colinized. Now can I 


Posted by James1984 (06/20/18 03:35 PM)
Hey guys, happy to be part of the group. So I%u2019m on my 5 grow and I%u2019ve learned a lot and had fun doing it. Here%u2019s my question. I have two huge tubs of substraight being colonized. It%u2019s 1.5 weeks in and looks great. Geared the issue. 4 weeks from now I go to get married with the wife and I%u2019m gone 5 days. So I want to time it to be in a part of growth that requires least attention. So do I A) case it 4 days before I go then right the day I leave put it on too 12/12 light cycle. Or case in a week then do my first flush right before I go. Thanks guys, these are huge tubs and the mycillium is growing perfect.
Posted by Scibe23 (06/17/18 02:49 AM)
Hey guys are these any good? Just found a heap in my garden in northern vic
Posted by Anthobotacology90 (06/01/18 09:29 AM)
Hey i got lots of pics im new to this my buddy swim ate some shrooms yrs ago bout killed him im IN GA need to see if what i have is gyms and fly agarics
Posted by Eleisha (05/28/18 03:57 AM)
Hi Everyone. Culd anyon