Posted by Stattz (03/03/18 06:21 AM)
I'm new here. I'm on my first grow and have a question. I have about 10 jars that are colonizing. Some have been complete for a week some are going to be another week or two before they're ready. Should I birth the ones that are fully colonized and add the others to the fruiting chamber when they're ready or should I try and wait? Waiting will probably mean that the fully colonized jars will have been fully colonized for 2 to 3 weeks by the time I birth them.
Posted by mcooper (01/23/18 07:16 PM)
we just started this process ...we got the spore syringes and two bags of medium ...the cakes ....the cakes come in sterile we followed some directions that said to heat the oven to 250 to create a more sterile enviroment and innoculated both bags ...we put them in a dresser drawer on Dec 26 has been nearly a month and nothing is growing in the bags so a couple weeks ago we moved them to a warmer place and the only thing that changed is there is dew in the bags now ....anybody know what the hell happened and can i recover from this or is it a loss and a lesson learned ...this is my first time and i printed out a guide from where i got the spores and was a bust ...i will take any and ALL advice or information ...i got syringes left but dont wanna waste them

Posted by Vegasmoney777 (11/30/17 10:46 PM)
Started shrooming about 3 months ago. Found this site a week ago. Already been through three catastrophic mushroom adventures. 4th try had some mini oysters finally going good before being decimated by some dark bluish green muck reminding me of that blue stuff barbers keep their combs in to keep em sanitary.  Take 5. Wish me luck.
Posted by BlueCoins (11/22/17 08:11 PM)
Inoculated a couple of GT Jars and while I was injecting the jars i noticed the needles didnt reach far enough into the jar and my spores were going into the layer of dry vermiculite. Will this effect the growth in the long run? I really need answers %uD83D%uDE23.
Posted by Jackaroom (10/12/17 10:26 PM)
   Hello, Ive been trying to figure out how I can upload a couple pics of two "suspected gymnopilus junonius I found near my home in south carolina. All Ive manahed to do so far is upload the pics into my gallery,.. Im about at my witts end, and any help in pointing me in a better direction than Ive been going would be greatly appreciated.
     Thanks Jack
Posted by Gurdjieff (10/03/17 11:27 AM)
Edited 10/5/2017 11:43 AM
Posted by WAK420 (10/01/17 11:16 AM)
Please help i cant find any dealers in Kennewick washington
Posted by madmen123 (10/01/17 09:28 AM)
found these nearby my house, are they psilocybin. (UK)

Edited 10/1/2017 4:28 PM
Posted by sprague33 (08/26/17 03:15 PM)
So, i am living in an RV and will be traveling the U.S but i am wanting to cultivate mushrooms. Is this possible? Has it been done? and if so any tips or ideas? Thank you very much (:

Posted by GrowUpNao (08/26/17 02:16 PM)
So someone I know is asking for $50 for one Ecuadorian mushroom syriange. Is that even close to being worth it
Posted by Myinfinity (08/17/17 10:49 AM)
Hi I've new to shroom hunting..I found 2 today that turned blue when I pinched them..I've uploaded the pics...but I'm not sure if they are the right ones for tripping lol they do not hAve gills
Posted by Jaycuyle (08/05/17 04:17 PM)
Hello I'm new here and on my page I'm not sure if I posted the pics the right way but I would like to NP if theses mushrooms I found are the trippy kind or not 
Posted by SkyPaul (07/31/17 12:55 PM)
Is it common for mushrooms to grow out of the tops and/or stems of other mushrooms.  I have that going on right now...
Posted by Newtothis1233 (07/27/17 07:44 PM)
I'm super stumped because there isn't much info I'm finding for the reason substrate has to be sterilized? Cab I use potting soil along with cow poop? Is it dangerous???
Posted by Colorrado (07/14/17 05:55 PM)
Hello, I have just decided to hunt shrooms in Wrangell Alaska and was wondering when I should go out and start look? It has been quite wet here so I figure sometime this month? 
Posted by Zaco (07/07/17 03:37 AM)
Hello, new to this website and need help to identify some mushies ASAP! Not sure how to add a photo but if anyone does it would be most helpful to let me know. 
Posted by Bsic (06/25/17 11:39 AM)
Hi everyone, I'm new here and plan on growing for the first time. I saw a video with what looked like an entire spore print being used to fill one snall bag only using coffee grinds and straw. Can i use one whole spore print each time i grow or is that overkill? I planned on breaking up the print and mix it with tbe coffee grinds and straw and then soak it with water. 
Edited 6/25/2017 1:53 PM
Posted by TKaylene (06/03/17 10:15 AM)
Hey there! Did some Google searching and was lead question is, "What did I find?" I'm in the TX Hill Country and found some mushrooms in horse manure on my morning walk...I have not experience with 'shroom hunting and very little knowledge on mushrooms in general so hoping y'all could help %uD83C%uDD94 these babies for me! Thank you in advance!!....OK, also how the heck do you post a picture?????
Posted by Backwoodsman12 (05/29/17 01:29 PM)
Here are the last of them I'm scared be is getting completely the wrong ones not that. Gonna tell him which are the ones I would have gotten but none of these really had much blue if at all In them and I'm thinking they are the look alikes  please help me identify so I can try to educate him I'm not sure why the pics showed up so big either loli took them all away from him but that will only slow him down I'm sure
Posted by Backwoodsman12 (05/29/17 01:22 PM)
He had several different ones
Posted by Backwoodsman12 (05/29/17 01:20 PM)
Does anyone know what kind of shrimps these are? I caught my nephew picking them in the cow pasture and it didn't look like the ones I used to play with when I was in highschool and it scared me that he might try eating the wrong kind 
Posted by mansel (04/16/17 02:31 AM)

are these psilo at all ? i norm go for goldies but these looked like them when i picked them even turned blue but i noticed a few subtle differences more yellow on the stem instead of white and the caps are more bell shaped as apposed to nipple shaped and u can see the fiber a bit more still got that psilocybin blue after picking and look like photo's i have seen of liberty but just always gotta be curtain on these kind of things can't be running with kinda looks the same

Posted by macattackbldm (04/07/17 08:36 PM)
Hello folks, I'm new to this hobby, but I wanted to let you guys know my opinion of sporeworks.  There was a problem with being double charged for a purchase due to their online billing.  I called them and to my surprise they fixed the problem almost immediately.  Errors happen, but what is important to know, is how they treated me and took care of the problem.  Sorry to the wonderful lady on the phone who helped me even though I was rude to her.  Thank you sporeworks, BTW I have zero affiliation with them other than customer.  
Posted by Popperseed (04/03/17 08:42 PM)
Hey guys. question from a newbie. so I always see in tutorials, people putting holes in the bottom of the SGFC.  BY the same token Ive heard people say not to because it leaks and is unnecessary. what should I do? also what is better a incubation/ aquarium heater Tek or incubating above Frige?. thanks guys! 
Posted by Joaner (02/17/17 08:20 AM)
I'm having much success with my first fruiting and sequential three-plus flushes after of golden teachers and Z strain. The Z strain bases are so thick I have had to cross cut them to ensure that they dry properly for storage. Am I losing any potency by cross-cutting the bases? Thank you
Posted by Pascual (12/04/16 03:18 PM)
My name is Pascual congrains im a psilocybe mushrooms trip guide and mushrooms provide in colombia - Villa de leyva im the best contact if some one want to get colombian mushrooms and also i could guide beginers to the hunting. My cell iPhone number is 3138906399  my email: cualpaz1992@hotmail   fb: Pascual congrains  services of hostal, food & drink, wi-fi, divertion.
Posted by Motorcityreefs (11/25/16 03:51 PM)
Can somebody help me I need to know how to post pictures
Posted by Motorcityreefs (11/25/16 03:47 PM)
Don't know if I'm even in the right section for this but I need identification
Posted by Shineonyoucrazy (09/22/16 09:24 PM)
Hi, and sorry in advance if this isn't the proper place for this post.  I bought a mw growkit mega kit a few weeks ago, along with a few different spore syringes from two site sponsors (at least i got that right, I'm learning). I now know from reading and researching that the kit was a bust, with a bunch of unnecessary crap. The jars were my main concern on this attempt being the first ever on my part, and not having necessary time and equipment to make my own right now. That's next on my list of things to do, along with just jumping to some grain jars and substrate from outgrow and going for the monotub/tray bulk methods.  I've read positive quite ups from members on here about their pf 1/2 pint brf jars.  What would be the best way to go on from here? I inoculated the jars on 9/19 and they are in the tub at a constant 76F. Would it be best to say screw the kit stuff and just make a sgfc for any cakes that make it to birth? Thank you for your time! 
Posted by Room4shrooms (09/21/16 02:58 PM)
Posted by Room4shrooms (09/21/16 02:01 PM)
Help a newbie identify[url=][image][/image][/url]
Edited 9/21/2016 3:54 PM
Posted by kitkatattack (09/06/16 12:27 PM)
Don't know where to post so please move to proper spot.. Its another Ralphsters bad and on going experience. It started with him sending and admitting finally that they were contaminated syringes from his end 2 years ago. The oh I moved blah blah... he must move weekly.  Those spores destroyed my whole system. I have been unable to use anything since then. I have tried. I did get an order within a reasonable time. Then I moved, changed my address on my profile noted it on my order. That order was placed in December of 2015. He shows he got my 110$ but I haven't received squat. Its Sept 2016.  MANY MANY MANY unanswered emails. I was layed up in a cast from january to april so going to the mail was difficult and I was planning a wedding.  That is the only reason I am now going to the forums with my horror story.  I  have switched vendors and received product in a timely many, unfortunately I learned that I need all new equipment because of the ralphster contaminated syringes i so stupidly used.  An expense I can not afford after getting married and buying a house within a year. So ya. If there is still anyone out there that orders from them STOP they are a hot mess which is the tame way how I am describing them.... I have other choice words which I have already expressed to the automated system they like to use. Oh and I checked my order status today and it still reads money received. 

This has messed so much up. grrrrrrrrrr

From my searching though it seems he is digging himself a grave and will soon fall in. I wish him the best of luck in life. Karma does come around eventually!
Posted by Reimana (07/09/16 01:23 AM)
Found a purple pouch mushroom what is it,The great Google does not tell me 
Posted by fractal4D (06/27/16 03:41 AM)

Mushrooms and Cannabis FTW!
Posted by kinghaak (11/11/15 01:34 PM)
hello guys i need your help i'm from sweden and i just got my first starter grow kit from this 1 and i made my self a glow box of som kind ahha

and to day i made my first syringe but in sweden we can't heve needle so i jsut pored the spors on top will thsi work or will it just go mad ??? pleas help me haha /// the noob
Posted by CubicTech (10/18/15 04:03 PM)
How can I post a forum to help get identification of some mushrooms I picked? 
Posted by Glitchbox (09/03/15 08:28 PM)
sorry i am in california....
Posted by Glitchbox (09/03/15 08:27 PM)
hello fellow community.... i am wonder what the best spots and time of year to start looking and picking psliocybin is??? and what specis normally grow here.
Posted by Wonderland (08/18/15 10:26 AM)
Hey everyone  i am 26yr old male ..,currently i live in new to this site but not to shrooms.. ive done mushrooms and LSD before in the past...... but i havent done them in years only because i cant find any or anyone that has them i have different friends these days..., i was wondering if anyone could help me find some magic mushrooms its been years i would love to go hunting for them...  i am not sure where to look :( i am willing to travel interstate if i have to....  its been years and its time a took a trip again :)
Posted by Duck Ewe (07/23/15 08:53 PM)

These mushrooms are from the tundra, close to the Bering Sea.  Alaskan wilderness.  I need help in identifying them.  I am new to this website.  
Posted by SkagitHunter (07/05/15 01:57 PM)
I have some specimens I would like help with identifying. However, I have no clue how to post a thread. I can't even find the pub to ask for help. Please someone, enlighten my dumb ass.
Posted by Farscape1231 (07/05/15 10:53 AM)
Could I get help with my post?
Posted by juanitostefano (04/20/15 06:47 AM)

i saw these mushrooms below an avocado tree im not sure if thats suppose to be bad or good. and i don't know if these contain magic in them. before they dried out the caps use to have this earthly tone as if it was a tree greyishbrown color.
Location:North Luzon Philippines
are these edible? thank you

Posted by 86ericschwartz (04/17/15 09:00 PM)
Hi I'm new to this site, I just got a sports syringe from best spores, I was really impressed w/ how fast it came, 3 days. The syringe look clear but I gave it a go, its been 5 days and I see nothing?
Posted by daveya7 (04/09/15 07:34 AM)
I'm new I just want to know if and how  can you grow magic mushroom buy geting spores from a out side wild magic mushroom  can it be done and how please ??
Posted by Deathspllz (01/13/15 12:36 PM)
Just joined this site and really need help, I frequently do drugs but have only been shroom picking a few times. I went on Sunday and found some really good looking mushrooms, the bruising was blue, it was light brown on the edges To dark brown in middle. I did a spore print and it was black/brown. I left them in a box till today to help them dry out a little and I looked at them before and they were fully black and had small maggot-like creatures underneath. What does this mean? what do I do? Someone help quick please
Posted by Psychonaught95 (09/18/14 12:41 AM)
Hi all, im new to this forum and the northwest, but im looking for someone who can teach me some shroom hunting and iding.
Posted by Kbog111111 (07/18/14 10:34 AM)
Can someone help me identify mushrooms? 
Posted by vio606 (06/13/14 06:08 PM)
  • I'm having trouble attaching a picture I took to this form. My camera doesn't have a url, can anyone help

Posted by SaltusMedicus (05/21/14 08:43 PM)

Positive ID locations...

SW Lovations

Posted by Blu (01/04/14 05:57 PM)
I love the Shroomery so much, & I love shrooms more than I can properly put into words!
Thank you all so much for contributing to this wonderful site (& a special thanks to the Creators).
Happy Hunting Everyone! 
Posted by inchez (11/11/13 09:58 AM)
 are these liberty caps?
Posted by inchez (11/11/13 09:57 AM)
are these liberty caps? i found some beside sheep poo and some in my mates garden 
Posted by noahiii (10/15/13 07:20 PM)

Hi I just joined the site. Just started growing with a bag kit. Decent results and got some nice spore prints. the question I have is that instead of a syringe the kit came with a Q-Tip with spores. My questions is can you just swab the spores and drop it into a bag of sterilized rye berries or would I need to swab the q tip in a "culture" before swabbing it and dropping it in the bag? Figured it may be easier to use a swab vs a syringe but I am a noob at this. can anyone answer this for me so I do not screw it up?
Posted by AllanHutton (10/05/13 03:13 PM)
I'm from Scotland and have just joined this site. I have been familiar with Terence for years since his featuring on The Shamen ReEvolution. I have been listening to his talks for 6 months and the Mushroom grows in Scotland seasonally in Autmn. I have picked them for years but only recently have i realised the sacredness of the shroom recenyly since my involvement in Reiki and Scottish shamanism through drumming and pure Love for Brothers and Sisters. Any welcoming comments? 
Posted by datasTruth (09/25/13 08:08 PM)
Anyone know where I can find any kind of psychadelics I live in southern cali
Posted by shroomseeker37 (09/03/13 09:03 PM)
Need to find some shrooms in north philly asap been looking forever I want to experience my first trippy time help you can xall me at 2675927972 jenn. Please please someone has to know desperately need helP
Posted by Digger131 (07/09/13 12:28 PM)
hi everyone, I am new to this site haven't worked out all of the things yet? I have a question. Can anyone, tell me where I can get lobster mushrooms in Rhode Island, Massachusetts HYPOMYCES LACTIFLUORUM ? I tried whole foods. They only have dry ones I need fresh ones?

Posted by AmbyBear (04/15/13 02:51 AM)
Hey everyone! I'm new at all of this and was hoping you guys could answer all of my questions! First of all, how do I create a topic so I can ask all my questions? Help!
Posted by Bludge (02/25/13 08:15 PM)
Hey guys... just wanted to checkwe had a weekend of LSD & we,r frequent users & its alwats bin amazing... but we tried some strong lsd on Friday which worked.. we tried again on saturday higher dose worked less & ON MONDAY WE TRIED ALOT & NOTHING WORKED... OUR FRIENDS WHO TRIED THE SAME THING HAS AN AMAAAZING TRIP... SHOULD WE NOT USE IT SO OFTEN???
Posted by funjoypower (12/08/12 05:38 PM)

Darryl Hannah meets Paul Stamets in his Growroom! Learn How To Produce More Vitamin D In Your Mushrooms And Other Medicinal Uses... On This Youtube Video

Posted by Warder170 (10/21/12 10:13 AM)
Hello all I have some spiritual issues and think magic mushrooms might help me to see them more clearly. I need someone local to advise where in northern il I can find or buy.  And maybe a group of Experienced folks to sit with me or trip with I don't know where to start please help you can email me I want to journey beyond my inhibitions and find the true me. I need help
Posted by suicidebycop (07/31/12 02:32 PM)
Posted by Biglogz (07/23/12 01:40 PM)

Posted by Coloredflesh420 (07/04/12 07:45 PM)

Back again!! Its been a few years but I'm back and excited about growing again. looking forward to everyones input and I hope one day to help others with their growing and/or shrooming experiences.
Edited 7/4/2012 6:45 PM
Posted by LuluMaeSugarShoes (06/21/12 02:33 PM)

Posted by LuluMaeSugarShoes (06/20/12 07:30 AM)

No reply? Gave the shrooms a try~ 42 minutes later~no vomiting or explosive bowels. My hope is that I am not mistaken and that the psychic log jam will be breakin, theraputic desperate needs, blocking negative feeds, pray that this day finds me, and sickness, rot, will not bind me. Could use positive thoughts thrown my way, I will post tomorrow to document my human  trial results.
Posted by LuluMaeSugarShoes (06/16/12 01:59 PM)

Is it possible to have accidentally grown shrooms? I gave up my growing ambitions. I inadvertantly threw two failed vermiculite & OBRF into my regular plant dirt. That sat for months inside apartment. Then I moved my dirt bin to outdoors, it was hot, humid and recently rained like crazy. I went to check out white patches seen through side of bin~ OMG! Mushrooms, old dead and dried ones and new open ones and bulbous baby ones(caps not open, inch to inch and half tall). They resemble B pics. Is it possible these are shrooms?
Posted by kenner7921 (04/25/12 02:46 PM)

Hey I am a new grower and i need help because i am completly clueless and all my friends are saying that i just need horse poop and put it in the woods under a bucket and leave it there for 2-3 weeks but idk. i just put it under the -bucket today. please help me anyone message me. im new to this too.
Posted by zircle1 (12/21/11 04:42 AM)

Hi,I have only tried one type of magic mushroom over the years,(cubes) .

I was curious as to wether other mushrooms give you a different type of trip or if they all give you much the same experience.

I know some are stronger than others,just wondering if some are rougher than others and if there is a preferred variety..Cheers

Posted by its0kay (06/25/10 09:39 AM)
secretz revealed!!
Posted by frosted1 (06/12/10 01:07 AM)
Posted by frosted1 (06/12/10 01:07 AM)
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Posted by aj123 (06/09/10 02:39 PM)
Posted by Mowgli-jungle-trip (10/07/09 04:08 AM)

Posted by Qbenztom (07/20/09 09:43 PM)
i got some sick drawings that i want to share with the world, so how do i upload them in the gallery???  <---  *deedeedee*
Posted by Unbearable_B (04/23/09 02:35 PM)
I from outside space and i was wondering if philmeUp is the best kind of shut yo mouth.  reet reet root toot root toot reet root toot teet reet teet
Posted by Abuse (01/02/09 06:11 PM)
Posted by riverrat1 (12/29/08 12:32 PM)
im from gwinnett county georgia and i was wondering if psilocybe weilii is the best to find
Posted by Dr. Wissenschaft (10/27/08 12:21 AM)

Weird shite, mang.
Posted by edwardutah (10/08/08 12:58 PM)
Posted by trapper62 (09/19/08 04:25 PM)

fng needs some words of wisdom.i;ve got 3# plastic bag of white stuff whats next?


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Posted by Abuse (09/15/08 04:13 PM)

If only.....
Posted by askovmose (09/14/08 06:56 AM)
hi there. can anyone tell me what this is??
Posted by Cancer (02/18/08 06:12 PM)
Cancers Rule the World
Posted by justthatguy07 (02/08/08 07:34 AM)
Yeah, well guess what......I FOUND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by mycroscope (01/29/08 08:09 PM)

I'm hiding here too! Yeeah.

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Posted by LayYouIn (06/10/07 11:01 AM)



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