Posted by PsilocybinMike (06/28/11 06:27 PM)
lol @ the story behind it and cool drawing
Posted by ChimX (09/19/09 02:57 PM)
This really caught my eye. Beautiful artwork. You deserved an A .
Posted by Xxero0 (07/08/09 08:51 AM)
It's like a bunch of litle gates opening up at the same time. And everything is made of mushrooms. AWESOME!!
Posted by The_People (10/25/07 12:55 PM)

Great stuff, i always like to see art like this. Nice and geometrical at the sime time there is very much detail. And good thing those kids laugh, cause they really dont know the power of the shroom.

Posted by BrandNoob (07/15/07 11:47 PM)
Nice art, nice story!