Posted by 0420 (12/16/15 04:04 AM)
This is absolutely amazing. It's really well done the detail is beautiful. You're a very talented Artist. I love the attention to detail on the drewl (i'm interpreting it as drewl) on the bitten area. High Five! 
Posted by thequest (02/10/15 08:54 AM)
Really cool man:)
Posted by Seriously_Spaced (11/11/10 04:15 PM)
Awesome drawing man, kudos
Posted by awwsnap (08/09/10 09:07 PM)

yo i drew this i wanna post another one how do i do it
Posted by gardenerx3 (05/11/10 12:34 AM)

this is really cool :]
u should tripp out and make another one
Posted by Ransom (08/16/09 10:39 PM)
i like it
Posted by alkaline300 (02/23/09 03:17 PM)
word i do this style times like 50 its way detailed i'll tell you when i put something up
Posted by alexcore (09/08/08 07:40 PM)
i think its mad sick haha
Posted by Hess (05/01/08 09:24 PM)