Posted by Joem204 (08/28/15 03:48 PM)
I have that all over my 1st Bulk Grow. Did anyone ever suggest the peroxide dilution amounts or where to find them?
Posted by zay031798 (04/23/14 07:29 PM)
just had the same problem. it went from dime sized to half dolar size overnight. my advise is to scoop it out if its not to spread throughout jar and definitly mist with peroxide.
Posted by Fckmostpeple (11/14/13 12:32 PM)

That is without a dout cob web mold. I just lost a whole crop to that shit!
Posted by JerrysMAGICow (06/25/10 01:47 AM)

In my limited, but accumulating knowledge I would def. agree with the cobweb assessment. A solution I've read would be to mist with a hydrogen peroxide solution, but check for the ratios.
Posted by Mycomatt (07/29/09 08:27 PM)

ahh yes, the dreadede spider mold :/
Posted by Jooooony (07/06/09 01:25 PM)

Posted by rhizo_morph (10/04/06 10:14 AM)
cob web mold, maybe?