Posted by alien grey (01/22/16 06:30 PM)
The shrooms should be fine to eat however I myself would pick off the shrooms and toss the cake away taking care to not let it contaminate my other cakes or simply quarantine it and as Lon as the shrooms are healthy and mould free then they are fine to eat still.if the fruit body has mould on then don't bother.
Posted by KhalPanda (02/27/14 09:04 PM)
I know if theirs contamination when their colonizing in jars theres nothing you can do except throw it away, but if theres contamination on the cakes can you do anything to stop it. Im gonna start my first grow soon so im curious.
Posted by marawanna (09/27/11 01:31 PM)
I read somewhere that if you want to know if it's bruising or contamination, take a dry Qtip and gently swab the blue. If it's bruising, no color should be on the Qtip. If it's mold, some of it will stick to the Qtip. This doesn't mean that if there's nothing on the Qtip, you're good. Its just a simple test to help identify mold. Oh and the pic made me cry a little. So much potential gone...
Posted by Dango_Bill (07/11/10 05:01 PM)
Doesn't look like contamination to me. It just looks like it's bluing due to dryness or bruising... The only potentially nasty part I see here is that yellow splotch, but that could just be "shroom piss" from the looks of it.
Posted by zoomerang (12/26/07 05:30 PM)

Yeh that looks pretty nasty .  Hey, I don't know how to navigate around this site too well to read responses to my posts, so could you email me and tell me what you might think contributed to the fetal demise of this cake?  Thanks.