Posted by kopcap (06/08/20 12:35 PM)

Posted by hardknoxmush (03/28/12 11:53 PM)
the only test i get high scores on is a drug test
Posted by moorsh (03/04/12 09:32 PM)
They aren't tested for because it would cost more to test for it and there aren't very many people who use them. Even when people use them, they tend not to be in a position when they will be tested.... unless they are in a psyche ward somewhere they wont really suspect such a drug. Perhaps in an autopsy but only if it was suspected. Hospitals don't even have the capability to test for it on hand, they typically have to use specialized labs to perform a legitimate, testable, repeatable and reputable test, and produce good results.
Posted by CycleThoughts (12/30/10 04:04 AM)
Because they're unlikely to be abused as opposed to the other drugs that are commonly tested for.
Posted by thatamatt (12/03/07 04:24 PM)
Don't they test for Benzos? (Valium, Xanax....)
Posted by Derrekito (07/16/07 10:20 AM)
I find it interesting that these substances are not normally tested for.  Does anyone have an explaination as to why?