Posted by Quarantine (09/21/09 08:57 AM)
yum yum! it'd be hilarious to have these hiding from your kids and they dig where they're not supposed to and eat one. bet he won't be doing THAT again!
Posted by pinky2totters (05/17/07 05:26 PM)
Great idea, but I have two suggestions. Firstly, you can temper the chocolate so that it is shiny. If you're buying tepmered chocolate or metling it to the right point anyway you'll do well.  Also, you can paint the edge of the molds with a paint brush and white chocolate or white chocolate with food coloring to make something ... psychodelic? I really dig it though.

if you're adding colors, mix whtie chocolate and food coloring in small seaparate containers, then paint. You'll want to let this part set slightly then CAREFULLY add the chocolate so that it doesn't mix in but sticks together.

Chocolate is probably the hardest food material to work with and probably the most rewarding too. 

IF you're keeping this in the fridge keep it in seaprate containers because you will pick up FUNKEE odors!
Posted by theshroom12345 (02/03/07 11:17 AM)
kewl ima try this lol its a perfect mix chocholet and shroomies YAY lmao