Posted by tryptkaloids (06/26/15 03:15 PM)
if you put in an ounce fresh you would need to drink the whole fifth to fry on the mushies and by that point you would be soo drunk it would just be a waste of mushrooms. 
a fifth contains 25.6  liquid ounces  there are 28 grams in an ounce (use dry)  if you divide the number of grams by the number of oz you get 1.09 or some shit like that. if you do it this way there will be just over a gram per oz  an american shot is 1.5 oz (We're a bunch of alcoholics) using this method two us or three pony glass shots would do me fine, just fine. however most other places around the world use a one ounce shot (pony glass) dose yourself accordingly have fun! :D

Posted by wildernessjunkie (09/28/10 12:29 AM)

Just tried this for the first time. Took it maybe 10 mins ago. Flavor is horrible. Though once its down there is no after taste. Chased it with a beer anyway. Just now coming up, it does hit a little faster.  I would try it again, but not with Tequila. Just not a fan of how the flavors mixed. Vodka maybe? Rum?
Posted by el.oscuro (08/18/10 03:08 PM)

If you wanna get the most out of the shrooms you'd have the dry and powder them, then let it sit for about a week (maybe less, but the longer the better) giving it a good shake once or twice a day.
Posted by Enlightenedwon (12/01/09 03:56 AM)

The first time I tried them I didn't know how much to dose, had like an 8t dry and took maybe 1-2g.  Felt nice and slight euphoria, was at an afterparty for a rav and they had a bar..I took like 4-5 shots and the alc didnt really effect my mind but it did mellow my body out and felt very nice..I wonder if it would be similar having an infusion like this, something to try in the future I guess.  You say to let sit for couple of days, anyone know how much time is needed for full xtraction & would it be better to let them continue to sit in the liquid after full xtraction is reached or do you think straining would be a good idea?
Posted by hippieinro (08/26/08 05:00 AM)

I was always told shrooms & alcohol don't mix.
Posted by nikita (03/30/07 08:52 PM)
That sounds good I will have to try that at my next party. is it dry or fresh
Posted by KangKoopa (12/23/06 02:09 AM)

Is it an  OZ FRESH OR DRY? and if dry what would happen if you use fresh?