Posted by throcknroll (10/17/14 06:25 AM)
Sounds  Really  Good--and a Great way to store for say extended time -in freezer..I have another IDEA   I will Post  that's been In my Head for 20-30 yrs but Never did/Tried it
Posted by Ryoma (01/27/12 04:44 AM)
Posted by wickidshroomla (05/30/11 05:52 PM)
DDank.. :D
Posted by sporesmores420 (07/24/10 09:58 PM)
sounds delicous
Posted by Omnicracker (01/01/09 05:05 PM)
for a nice consistancy that tastes good and wont melt on you, use a 5:1 ratio.  thats 5grams of chocolate for every gram of powdered fungus. 
Posted by fetalscab (12/28/06 08:15 PM)
i love mushroom chocolates i used to make them quite regularly, you can buy colored chocolate and molds at walmart and each bar can hold 2-3 grams of dried mushrooms. i usually grind them up in a food procesor and lay a thin layer of chocolate down on the mold before adding the ground up mushrooms. then add another layer of melted chocolate on top. tap the mold on the counter a few times so the air bubbles come to the top. then you can freeze them for about 10 min. and they are ready to eat. good stuff!
Posted by donkers5257 (12/14/06 06:37 AM)
This sounds great!

Y'know, if you took the dried caps, dipped them in melted chocolate, froze, then re-dipped once or twice to add an extra layer, that could be an excellent way to preserve the mushies!  Like chocolate-covered cherries, only they're psychedelic candy!  You could make up an entire bin and just keep them on hand in the fridge, I imagine for a very long time.  Whenever it's time to enjoy them, just pop a few and you're off!