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Posted by myceliumaster (11/25/11 01:37 PM)
This paper (and ones like it) give a biological description of what appears to be happening physically at a rudimentary level, but gives no real information regarding how the EXPERIENCE is created! How does serotonin interacting with neuron's 5-HT receptors cause such intense changes in perception? If only there was an abundance of funding in studying the nervous system and the brain, perhaps we would have our answer. 

EDIT: In response to jenefa, alcohol and cigarettes do not interact with "serotonin receptors" or 5-HT receptors.
EDIT2: To WowItsMelting, no LSD and other 5-HT receptor antagonizing drugs are not known to cause depression. It is mentioned in the article that the body maintains homogenous by producing more serotonin while there is a lack of 5-HT receptors. When the receptors are replenished, serotonin production slows to compensate. Our bodies really are quite intelligent. :)
EDIT3: Last edit, hopefully. There was an abundance of unnecessary text errors that made the document more difficult to read. For example, spelling DOM as pOM in one part, and a ")" replacing a letter in another, etc. If the poster took a quick skim through it he/she could probably pick them out quite easily.

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Posted by jenefa (08/11/11 04:59 AM)
Yeah Drugs cause hallucination...But I want to know what kind of drugs cause hallucination? Is it alcohol & cigarette also??
Posted by Radiated_Mind (01/21/11 01:04 AM)
Awesome post!!!
Posted by WowItsMelting (01/12/11 07:03 PM)
COOL SHIT. So are they saying that Lsd causes depression?