Posted by Pieyedpiper1 (04/27/20 11:38 PM)
What is considered a micro dose?
Posted by mariano247 (07/22/18 07:12 PM)
I put to doubt the validity of this calculator. As it is not stated or attached where the information in regards to is psilocin and psilocybin concentrations was taken from. For sclerotia in particular de differences seem to be quite wrong. As from one type of sclerotia to another the differences are enormous. And as far as i am concerned dry sclerotia is about 2/3 the potency of a dry mushroom

Posted by Kulkulcan (02/20/17 04:47 PM)

I've got a couple questions:

So recommended dosage has nothing to do with body weight?

If you're doing cubensis, does the recommended dosage have nothing to do with which strain?

Are the alkaloids degraded that much (20% for psilocybin, and 50% for psilocin) immediately upon drying, or is that just what to expect from the average condition of dried shrooms? And where do these figures come from?

Posted by hungupdown (10/29/16 05:51 AM)
strictipes as well please. 
Posted by pelicanpete42 (06/06/15 04:10 AM)
I am confused as to why the trip level only goes to 5. I just had half a kilo in a tea and I'm at level 500

Posted by orlandomike (03/14/15 09:11 AM)
I got pre-mature pinning in a few jars and pulled them and put in the fridge in a plastic bag. Any idea how effective they may be?
Posted by smokestack (03/02/15 08:16 PM)
Can't knock it till you try it, I've tried it and it worked alright.
Posted by makail100 (02/04/14 09:15 PM)
Psilocybe Caerulipes?
Posted by NiNJa420 (12/19/13 12:58 AM)
This is EPIC!! Great work man :)
Posted by tokacola (03/06/13 05:55 PM)
The 2 things everyone is complaining about are body weight and fresh dosage. first off body weight is not or is a very very minimal factor with shrooms so dont worry about that. and yes the fresh dosage is right, you can eat 30g's of fresh and not get the same high as 3.5g of dry, almost all the weight in fresh is water.
Posted by HumterIntheNight (12/10/12 05:41 PM)
The user  cpljwlusmc is an idiot, i'm sorry but 22 wet grams of p. cubensis isn't much, its just 2.2 dry grams. the mushrooms are 90% water and the water is not necessarily hallucinogenic and it certainly isn't in dry mushrooms (which are very potent) so 2.2dry and 22wet will give you the same trip 
Posted by Garrett91 (06/25/12 12:35 AM)
Yeah mushrooms are around 80% water or something like that so that would count for most of the weight when they are fresh :)
Posted by lVlota (12/02/11 04:55 AM)

Posted by cpljwlusmc (01/14/10 08:43 PM)
This thing can't be right. It's telling me, with a dosage of fresh shrooms, I need to take 22 grams. This would melt my brain. Fix the calculator before someone goes insane.

"psilocybe cubensis mushrooms have an average water content of about 90%uFFFDso doses with fresh mushrooms are thus ten times larger than for dried" this is somewhere on this site tells you all about it.
Posted by Mr.FunGuy (09/26/11 04:28 PM)
I ate 6grams last Friday, and it was fuckin awesome, but I've tripped harder...Much harder, and off of less. Perhaps I just have a high Psilocybin tolerance, Or my weight is a factor. I weigh 260. I'm about to eat 60 grams fresh and see what happens. I'll report back later.
Posted by marijuana dan (09/09/11 07:23 PM)

22g fresh mushrooms is only 2.2 grams dried. So you are wrong and it is not broken.
Posted by dubsideofthemoon (05/21/11 10:39 PM)
"The number of synapses are more or less the same in a 5'2" 120 lbs girl and a 6'2" 300 lbs guy. Get your facts straight. People reacting different to the same amount of mushrooms has to do with various things, but body weight isn't one of them. " Quote from German Kahuna
Posted by bbox244 (05/16/11 01:18 PM)

This works perfect, however, I used these values and another multiplier based on the LD50 value for bodyweight calculations.

Posted by Gooners (11/17/10 01:53 AM)
IF you add body weight this scale would be nearly perfect
but thanks for taking the time m8
Posted by cpljwlusmc (01/14/10 08:43 PM)
This thing can't be right. It's telling me, with a dosage of fresh shrooms, I need to take 22 grams. This would melt my brain. Fix the calculator before someone goes insane.
Posted by Humboldt_Hunter (01/07/10 02:53 AM)
pretty cool calc. 
Edited 1/7/2010 1:54 AM
Posted by aspy (06/04/09 05:33 AM)
Good little piece of programming IMHO.

Good work.
Posted by Shodowolf (11/24/08 09:48 PM)
I am calling the Mushroom Spirit.  I wish some one would hit me up with some magic and send them to me (a Shaman) in San Diego, CA.  Baraka Bashad,,Blessings Be....Email me at
Posted by MustardBus (10/18/08 06:15 AM)
Two words:   body weight.   How can any dosage calculator be complete without it?   Body weight is probably the most important variable in estimating dosage, and this calculator doesn't even hint at it.

Also, what do we mean by levels, other than 1 is threshold and 5 is completely blasted?
Posted by ricky220 (05/22/08 05:30 PM)

lol its great . anyone know how to make it a widget for my desktop

Posted by Zinglons Acolyte (02/24/08 07:56 PM)

seems to be broken