Posted by surf49 (11/02/21 06:35 PM)
I did Lemon Tek 3 gs w/ GT! WTF, geez no energy, this is a total body trip, no colors, very very mild visuals, Nothing!!!! but a very heavy body, not enjoyable at all. I wonder if I need a stronger dose, or just not Lemon Tek. not what I remembered from 39 yrs ago. Maybe this is just what GT trips are like ????:?:? any ideas ?
Posted by myceliups (01/26/15 01:18 AM)
It's great. Besides it states DMT as a designer drug?
Posted by NobodyImportant (05/04/08 06:54 PM)
This is a very well made FAQ

Thank you to everyone who helped with it.

Posted by Lainerr (03/30/08 09:47 PM)
okay first off i applaud you. this FAQ is fucking fantastic. i'm an experianced "voyager" myself and when i read this i couldn't help but crack up and nod my head in admiration and approval. your info is handy and now i have some new ideas to try when i trip again :] seriously this is one of the best ones i've read. so good job. goooooooooood job haha :] and keep it up