Posted by JellyfishGold1777 (11/23/23 10:24 AM)
My most intense shroom experience on 3 grams of Albino Penis Envy Shrooms.   

Disclaimer: This story happened about a year ago and I was extremely irresponsible and irrational during this experience. That being said this was the most intense and interesting shroom trip of my life so far. 

The night started when I hit up my friend and we decided to take a trip on some shrooms. I had done shrooms a couple times before this but I hadn't really felt any visuals while doing them. I decided to not eat anything and have an empty stomach for when I ate the mushrooms. My friend and I each ate 3 grams each and the trip had begun.

We decided to go on a walk and see if the effects of the shrooms were starting to kick in. We went on the walk but nothing really happened. I felt a very small sensation but nothing really crazy yet(this was only about 30 minutes after we ate the shrooms.) After we finished our walk we decided to go back to my friends house. At this point I was really hungry but my friend didnt really have that much food at his house. This is when we decided to go on a walk again, but this time to go to the store and buy some food. We set off and this is when I really started feeling the effects. As we were walking I had felt amazing and the visuals were starting to kick in. My body felt loose and I was starting to trip. The sidewalk felt like a conveyor belt and as if I was walking by myself.

We finally get to the supermarket, and my friend and I decide to get some rice. We go in the rice aisle and are just overwhelmed with everything. The food smells amazing, everything is so bright and colorful, and this point I had really started to come up. Buying the rice was the most difficult task ever. It felt like I was in a gta mission and my only objective was to buy this rice. However my friend and I just started laughing about the rice since we couldnt decide which to buy. We stood in the same aisle for damn near 10 min just laughing about the rice. At this point the trip was going great. We eventually mustered up the strength to stop laughing and go and buy the rice.

On the walk back to my friends house after the supermarket, I had started to only feel positive energy and never felt so much euphoria before. I had the most confidence ever and was walking without a care in the world. We make it back to my friends house and at this point I still wasn't peaking and we were about a hour and a half into the trip. As my friend was cooking the rice, I went to lay down and listen to Ocean Avenue by Yellowcard. I had never felt so much joy and happiness before and I just started dancing and singing. My friend also was having a good time and while the rice was cooking, he decided to play guitar. He isnt very good but he can play decently. However we were just focused on the guitar and he started playing some masterful tunes. It was so amazing and I was so encapsulated and proud of my friend because it deadass felt like some masterful music. However, the moment was short lived and my friend couldn't do the tune anymore. He started to get frustrated and continued to play the guitar and try and force the tune to come back. I thought nothing off it but I believe this is the point where everything changed.

The rice was finally ready and we sat down to eat. I felt like a child and was just doing random movements, dancing, and starting to see some nice visuals. The walls had this pattern on them and they felt like they were breathing. We were watching the office, and everybody's face was extremely funny to look at. However even though I had finally felt at peace and not have a care in the world I saw my friend look down into the desk grabbing his hair with both his hands. I tried to ask him whats going on. He then started talking about some existential shit and wasnt calming down. He started over analyzing everything he did and was tripping absolute balls. I was also tripping the most I had ever been on mushrooms and it was hard for me to try and calm him down. No matter what I did he kept on thinking about his life and how he isnt good enough. At this point the sun had already set, and the atmosphere just made it worse as all my happiness and joy started to wear off as I no longer enjoyed my trip but worried about my friend. At this point the visuals were absolute insanity. Everything was moving, everything had a pattern and I started to see eyes everywhere. Watching the office was insane. I also had some crazy closed eye visuals. It felt like I was watching trippy videos and optical illusions in my mind.

This is the point where everything had gone off the rails and shit started to get crazy. We finished the rice and I suggested to watch something on TV. My friend was still sitting in the kitchen thinking about whatever, but my efforts for him to try and enjoy the trip with me were useless. I eventually just put something on TV and my friend decides to get up. However he just kept repeating "I feel cold". This started to freak me out because I was no longer sober enough to be able to trip sit him and enjoy my trip. At this point all of my happiness and joy had basically gone away and I started to feel paranoid. He came over and sat down and we just watched linus tech tips because I was so paranoid I had just wanted to put something on. He kept saying he was cold and I didnt know what to do. After watching for a bit, HE LOOKS OVER TO ME WITH THIS FACE THAT HE IS ABOUT TO KILL ME. His jaw is clenched and he is looking at me smiling ear to ear. This shit genuinely freaked me the fuck out. I asked him what was wrong and he just kept doing it. He then said "stop acting so weird" to me. At this point I started to lose my shit and the trip was only getting stronger. At this point I decided that I had to leave or else I wouldn't be able to handle it any longer. I vowed to never drive when on any substance but my friend tripped me out so fucking hard that I left and left about 5 things at his house. I got in my car and I could already tell that it was gonna be hard as shit to drive.

I get in the car and immediately go into drive while parked instead of reversing. I knew that this shit was gonna be hard but I focused so hard on trying to drive. I called my friend up and I told him what happened and he was helping calm me down through the entire drive. On the way home I had to drive on the highway, and I had never been so focused on something in my entire life. Weirdly the trip was still peaking and it felt like it was only getting stronger. The amount of flashing lights from the cars was crazy and it was hard to see at some points. My vision became blurry and if I wasn't on the phone with my friend I think I would have completely hallucinated and crashed. It felt like reality was slipping away from me but I used every inch of my consciousness to stay normal and continue driving. After driving 40 mph on the highway I finally made it home after 30 minutes and had never felt so relieved in my life.

This was honestly the craziest day of my life and I just wanted to share the experience as it was absolutely bonkers for me.

Posted by Michelle Maya (08/04/23 09:01 AM)
Psychedelics and Psilocybin Mushrooms has been the keywords on everyone's lips nowadays cos of it's health benefits, dont only do it to trip i got my life back from severe depression and anxiety after Macrodosing with shrooms%u2026..Thanks to frenk_delics on Instagram he guided me through my microdosing journey and his products are top notch 
Posted by surf49 (12/13/21 11:23 AM)
I guess I am weird. Did 4 g's GT, (2 nd time) very very mild Visuals, no energy at all, no introspection, or altered perception. I found it very BORING. I get awareness perception on Pot! I've done LSD, Peyote, DMT and loved them all ( 40 yrs ago) but Mushrooms seem more of a body downer to me. Did not like the Trip's at all.

Posted by Anthobotacology90 (06/30/18 02:32 PM)
Found aruganescens anyone triied one
Posted by Kelazam (06/06/18 11:56 AM)
wanna be part of it
Posted by PsychWardz0690 (05/21/18 07:42 PM)
High there yall! Im a Memphis transplant to the great hot state TX. I miss my mid south field hunts in the Dego Ba. Can any one give me a caps up info on fields between Galveston TX to Dallas and close surrounding s. I want to pick bags to make demon tea%uD83C%uDF44%uD83C%uDF44%uD83C%uDF44%uD83C%uDF44%uD83D%uDC96%u231B
Posted by Ahyee2 (05/20/18 08:23 PM)
I have a question , I recently came across  Raspberry Tree Leafs and wanted to see if anyone has tried them . My brother put me on to this.   He said "dry the leafs, and smoke them. " Now my question is , How hard of a trip is it.   I've read up on this.  And learned it's used as a muscle relaxer and it's also has other medicinal properties.  But I want to try it for myself.  Therefore .I went to Home Depot. And got my very own Raspberry tree . I want to get the best of my first experience and would like some outside perspectives.  If anyone has had experience with it and also knows. It would be greatly appreciated if you share your experience and suggestions.  Thankyou  in Advance.  
Posted by Cake4days (09/08/17 01:29 PM)
I took atleast 2 grams of shroom babies and took a nap before going back to hookaville and in my dream I knew I was tripping. It was like everything was moving up and down very quickly and could catch a grasp on what was happening. Suddenly I realized I was sitting on the ground and kicking my legs up and down and realized what I was doing and I got up super quick fast so nobody saw me hehe. Then I woke up and got to explain this kind of quackery to you on this damn message board!! Grr even in dreams we can shoot off my family!
Posted by Aussie SA (07/11/15 11:55 PM)
Posted by AoxomoxoA (11/06/14 11:40 PM)
The first time I ever ate these beautiful little fungi, I went camping at Saddle Mountain, near the Oregon Coast, with 3 of my good buddies. The day we left I had taken some form of speed and I stayed up with my other friend all night, who took shrooms that night. So he was probably level 2-3 tripping from 3 am to 7am (until we had breakfast...) Anyways, when morning came around I ran into the tent and landed on my side and woke up the other two. This definitely set the vibes for the rest of the day. For breakfast, we had mushrooms and a big bottle of orange juice, and started tripping within 30 minutes. Now this is exciting for me as it was my first time, the first thing I noticed was when I was looking at my friends face and the leaves on the  tree in the back ground behind him kind of what I could only explain as collapsed electronically and then reformed. That was real cool. The next thing I remember was just walking around and the earth was morphing only around wherever I stepped. Now we were camping and planned on hiking up Saddle Mountain, and one of my friends kept leaving the campsite and coming back frantically (we were the only ones there, and this place was amazingly eerie and desolate and was not taken care of.) Everytime he came back he was tripping out more and more and his level was being gaged based on every time he came back, and I remember specifically his nose was very unaturally large and red. The next thing I remember was hysterically laughing uncontrollably. Then I jumped back into the tent and my fourth friend was still asleep at that time haha NOT FOR LONG! I was spinning everywhere at this point and I was leaving reality every 3 minutes I would say. I remember I would leave and then come back (mentally) and look over at Kyle and keep reminding him (as if he didn't know ) that he wasn't tripping yet! But I kept using him as a source of reality and saying "Kyle's the one that knows whats really happening!!!!" I thought I was informing my other friends and just helping them out so much. After that my buddy Sage told me to bring out my guitar. I remember it took me about half an hour to go and get my guitar, and everything was just completely controlled organized chaos. I finally somehow played an F chord and my brain went zap like electricity zipping through the air in little bent flipping and spinning shapes. I have since found a fondness for the F chord and it's psychedelic qualities. After this, unfortunately, I was tripping too much to remember. I believe I was in level 5 as the hike started up, and I would be right behind Sage, and the nexy thing I saw would be me way behind them and Sage was just telling me to hurry up. After this the next thing I remembered was the other 3 all agreeing that they saw a bunch of lizard all crammed into a small stump on the trail. I could not say I saw them which was a bummer, but it didn't matter at that point. I was functioning fine apparently, so I'm told, but I don't remember barely any of the hike, only small clips here and there. I remember at one point we were walking and I swear this guy was following us and his damn face was stuck in my head I couldn't get it out his weird facial hair goatee and his small ponytail outfitted in his skin tight blue athletic shirt, with his sporty asain partner. That was weird. The next thing I knew I was on a bench thinking I was Bob Dylan, watching my thumb move around. The WHOLE time this was haplening since the hike started up, I was saying the most random things that jjust did not make sense. I had forgotten everything in my life, and I felt like us four were the only ones in the universe, but there was no universe you know?, and we were just wanderers. I remember the times I came back to reality I would say "I'm back!" And "We all have families guys!" Remembering these things, I was excited to inform my buddies that we all had families. I believe I was experiencing what I've only heard described as "Death Ego", where I just forgot about everything man it was really interesting I wish I could remember what I was thinking or saying. There is a very good photo of me that I think really describes my trip, where my eyes are going outwards in two different directions. By the time we reached the top I was coming back to reality, but I had to check to make sure it was real. Some thing I did were; throw an orange off the side of the mountain, look at my friend while he was pissing, say weird things on purpose to see how my friends reacted, and I thought my brain was making it so everything my friend did was to please me as if I was their king or something. I had to piss real bad the whole time. All in all it was a good trip. It made the rest of my trips since then be weird as hell with flashbacks of the black out on the mountain. My friend said that the hike of the mountain was a metaphor for my death...
Posted by cyebra (05/10/14 05:34 PM)


Wow! wow! , holy shit. This happened Yesterday, started as a boring friday. Called up my brother Hugo, asked him how many g's of dried shrooms were harvested from our first and second flush altogether (strain B ) he responded 6.5 dried g's altogether. These came from a half successful batch me and my bro had been working on for the past month. Nothing special about this friday if anything felt like a regular weekday, my b-day had passed a couple days ago, really one of the Lamest B-days ever, I was broke, comming off a cold and just quit my job a day before, so you can say i was a bit nervous tripping under these circumstaces. Not to mention the frustration and a bit of tension my and my bro had between us. Sat there patiently in the living room until i heard the very familiar knock on the door. I opened the door still nervous as hell hugged my brother and said "Lets do this" both eager to trip, we went to my kitchen cabinet and pulled out two large coffee mugs a pair of scissors and and four 1000 mg vitamin C tablets. ( 2 for me 2 for my bro) we cut up our equal amount of shrooms into our mugs and crushed up the tablets in our mugs and added about 3 ounces of water, did cheers and chugged. MAN WAS IT HARD TO KEEP DOWN ! anyway we pushed it down with a 32 ouncer of beer, and played the waiting game.
      20 min into it I begin yawning and streching uncontrollably followed by this intense yet very inviting drowsiness " soothing if you will". With my eyes closed i begin to visulize these very complex patterns, cellular like organic mimicing webs of pinks and purples, resembling molecular structions and neuron like connection like something off a cat scan very hard to explain. I opened my eyes once i felt overwhelmed by these never ending patterns, only to see the freaking aztec calander forming on my dirty ass carpet." I waS like holy shit"  I also say Indian like symbols, From like (India) not native american very hard to explain. at this point all i could say is wow, wow, holy shit. I was trying to explain this to my brother who wasnt feeling anything yet. He said i was kinda annoying him he kept telling me not to exaggerate, I didnt let him affect my mood, for i new what he was in for. again with my eyes closed I start feeling myself vibrate in different tones, I realized it wAS  the synthesizers in the song strobe by deadmau5 that were having this euphoric effect on me, i was becoming lighter and lighter as the song progressed falling into some kind of spiritual trance. I remember looking at my bro and saying "The synthesizers man"  looks back at me and says " I know I can feel them, this is the moment i found out he was finally on the same page as me. I remember closing my eyes again only to see a pentegram in my head, which freaked me out, kept seeing universal like symbols and meaningfull(chemistry like ) equations that i couldnt really understand. Me and my bro decided to make a beer run.  we went down the stairs and made to my brother's truck. from what i reccal we were giggling like school girls the whole time. My bro starts up the truck and i spark up a bowl of sum alright bud. 
  (  Hugo describes drive)
     We turn up the music high ass hell, as we make it out of the apts into the main roads, I begin to wonder if driving is such a good idea, but after reassuring myself we head out, comes out this 50 style rock and rollish zepplin song ( yes i know hes from the 70's) anyway, i felt as though i had time traveled to a 50's era, where i was enjoying live music dressed in crazy old school clothing. after parking the truck at the corner store parking lot we continued to ja m out to zepplin ( we're gonna grove) for like 5 minutes till we actually got off the truck. as we walked to the door we noticed we were litterally dazed and confuzed. its seemed as though all these people appeared outta nowhere and were freaking me out. crazy enough i was able to keep my composure and grab the beer. we got to the waiting line still giggling and whisphering shit into each others ears. we do this for a couple of min wen i realize my bro chris is freaking out a bit so he decided he was going to wait outside. Everything was brilliant and vivid, i tried acting normal by looking around lol. at this point it is almost impossible to keep it together everything is overwhelming me, I take a look in the direction of the cashier to notice this son of a bitch is morphing into somekind of alien looking motherfucker, what really got me was hearing his crazy middle eastern accent his pointy ass ears and shiney bright bald head, i was having a mental battle just trying not to burst out laughing. I had finally bit my cheeks enough to stop wanting to laugh. I was about to regain full control when this wierd skinny dude in a cut off white T shirt with brown camoflage shorts, some kind of emo style hat with his front bangs showing, and a little back pack(like the kind you'd see on a japanesse school girl)  comes out of nowhere looks right at the cashier and says very loudly "THERE  ARE SOME HOOKERS SMOKING CRACK IN YOUR RESTROOM MAAAAANNNNNN" !  I erupted with the heaving laughter ever while everyone else was in silence. laughed my ass off till i couldnt breath and got check out by the cashier withou a problem. I couldnt wait to get back in the truck and tell chris what he just missed, we were both wiping tears from our eyes as we thought it was the most hilarious thing in the world. The ride back to his apt was the best cruise we had ever taken in our lives. " we hear the most beautiful baseline ever ( beginning of roadhouse blues by the doors) we were singing it what we thought was perfect harmony we agreed that we were feeling the music enter our bodies rather than listening to it with our ears, Euphoric is the best way to describe this. We were defenitley peaking at this point we get home very energetic and motivated by music we put on this epic playlist involving. Marvin Gaye (heard it through the grapevine) ccr ( born on the bayou) Fito Olivares ( la cobra), Deadmau5 ( profesional greiffers) mispelled that for sure. Doors, pink floyd and many other bands. we both just pretty much minded our own business while dancing side by side in what my wife syas looked like crazy hippies dancing at woodstock. she said all we needed was mud all over us. we didnt care for our ego at this point is no more, there was no right or wrong way to dance everymove we did seemed perfect and felt so right this went on from 12 at night to 4 :30 am.  ( by the way we are usually on the timid side and would never really dance unless we had to )..we would, stop rehydrate and continue we felt in unison with the universe everything had a meaning. I remember us hugging and telling each other how glad we were that we were brothers and how grateful we were about everything in our lives, remember saying that you God many times. hope you guys enjoy our experience feel free to ask any questions or make any comments.
Posted by cdmc1984 (12/10/11 09:02 PM)

why am i not trippin off these shrooms
Posted by IcculusRidiculeUs (11/12/11 06:54 AM)
Shrooms, as those who've never taken them seem not to realize, aren't just recreation; they're enlightenment.
Posted by knEwzOnE (04/20/10 04:58 PM)
Shrooms aRe thE aRt Of Life...
KnEw wAs pLayiN?gutair?aND mY fIngers?
wEre flAmes thE feeling?
wAs sO?supernatural.
Posted by Facinorous (03/15/10 08:19 AM)
insight into the minds eye cannot be imagined by people that have not yet tried this natural magic fairy munch . That is why sites like this one needs to be praised to the land of fluffy white clouds and halo bashing .. keep up the faboulistic work and thanks for giving other readers the chance of finding out about the best that the natural world has to offer ! ! ! ! live life topsy-turvy , not up-side down .
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is it just me or is nothing on this site any more but the forum??
Posted by Free Mason (12/18/09 10:17 PM)
It looks like the entire Level 3 category was recently deleted (
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where did LEVEL 3 go?
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best site ever
Posted by kswizzle (11/16/08 01:46 AM)
this site is really cool. i learned a lot of stuff from it and also from my own personal experiences. i think if people had better access to sties like this you wouldnt hear so many people having a bad trip. you would also have a lot more informed people out there.
Posted by Ythan (04/24/07 04:02 PM)
Evilinjuries you have to select which level your trip report is.
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there is no "add new" link to add a new trip report wtf?!?!
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i like this site :)
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I remember taking a trip in CA in a little motel in San Diego.  We wanted everything to be set up just right so we had a sober guy with the three of us, almost an ounce of boomers and some bubble gum with intense flavor.  I remember taking them on our way to the motel and laughing at cars passing by after about 15 min of consumption.  We got to the place and locked the doors.  My friend was just sitting on one of the beds starring into nothing and i was all,"you've gotta try this gum!!" stringing it and stretching it like I had never tasted it before.  This was hour one.  Hour two came and things were going backwards.  The television spoke backwards and my friends words and actions were that way most of the time.  It took a while but a familiar song went through my head that i began to hum with or harmonize with.  I was also snaping with this beat in my head.  I was told later that in reality I was just mumbling jibberish for 30 min (fakjfsldkfjksdf;lsdkfslkjflsdkfjksjhfskldhfskd whatever that would sound like.)  This song in my head went with the actions of my friends like a music video and it was all backwords, the song too.  The song slowed down as i started to, i guess, make sence of it, and as it slowed down the words finally reversed for me to understand that our entire existince is based off of an extremly long song and dance that we have been doing for millions of years that just repeats itself creation after creation.  So when the world ends it will all revert back to thebeginning of this song apparently. Hour three hit and I then realized that I was shrinking, not my physical body but I guess spirit body, shirinking into darkness.  Everything around me was black total nothingness.  I couldn't move at all in this realm.  I reallized that to move i had to call out to my God so I screamed out YAHWEH, PLEASE HELP ME!!!  And then the room came back, and in reality one of my friends punched me in the face hard to shut me up, at which point i just laughed and said, "Im just kidding" I started running around the room because i realized i could do anything and move anything, and i guess that all I did in reality is hit a lampshade really hard but I was flying for a little while and going through objects, then I lyed back and went back in time to the 70s and 60s because the rooms decorations changed to those styles and so did my friends clothes.  Hour four was just being trapped in this strange TV pattern that I couldn't get out of for what seemed like hours.  I would look at my blankets and the patterns on them would swirl then i'd look at a guy and he would just look at me and say nothing, then the TV which had the same thing on it everytime i looked at it: Bevis and Butthead, a football game, cops and the news.  And these stations or whatever would swirl in and out of each other with the same images everytime.  Then I'd look at the door and back to the blanket.  At one point i tried to escape so i go to put my shoes on but the laces fell to pieces in my hands.  Then i tried to open the door but my hand went through the doorknob everytime so i just sat back and took the rest of the trip.  I was told later that my friend who had that took the same amount as me had stripped down and took a shit in the shower while showering himself and then somehow got outside and was trying to steal a red Jetta thinking it was a corvette, just butt ass naked.  Some help the sober guy was.