Posted by Amanita Ridehome (10/24/15 11:19 AM)
Great post until the end when you said "Among the best liquids to take mushroom capsules with is a well-known DIET version of a lemon & lime drink...It has a non-toxic aspartame sweetener too that tastes great and avoids the whole mushrooms/sugar debate altogether. If you add up all the advantages of this particular Diet-Softdrink as compared to other beverages I'd say the difference is clear!"

I'd say do a little more research and you'll immediately put Aspartame on your shit list... I mean, I know this is an old post, but people should know that artificial sweeteners are bad for them by now.

Two words: "Donald Rumsfeld"

Ironically, you then say "Be very careful with your brain, your body..."

Check these links:

That being said, I like capsules, too

Good post otherwise
Posted by Michael903 (01/14/14 11:40 PM)
Wish I would have read this before I came up with the idea myself.  Luckily I ordered the correct size capsules anyways.  Some extra tips: For non veg people - get the gelatin capsules - will break down in stomach 5-10 times faster than veg caps.  Another tip: if looking for the correct size bottle for these I am going to be filling quads (1/4 ounce - 7 grams) in bottles as well as full ounces (28 grams).  I can't confirm that it will fit yet but I have done a lot of estimating as well as using sites that estimate the 00 capsules fitting in certain size bottles. 

1/4 ounce of these pills (assuming each pill is filled to .5 grams - 14 pills) will require a 16 dram bottle. Search 16 dram vile on google to purchase them somewhere.
an ounce of pills (same assumption) will require a 60 dram bottle.  (really only need about 50 but it doesn't exist)

Please add this to your how to.  Thanks!

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Posted by dxemon (05/15/11 04:23 PM)
Great FAQ/tutorial. It was very clear and precise, and very respectful and empathetic towards all spiritual paths and walks of life.
Posted by dawson (03/24/09 08:40 PM)
Thanks. One thing I'm questioning is the down time after dose, you've estimated 40 minutes. In "Shroom Capsules with the Cap-M-Quik" he suggests that the capsules take ~2hrs until effect.
Posted by treesniper119 (03/07/09 03:37 PM)
good guide, thank you.
Posted by Smurfster (05/05/08 04:15 PM)
ya thanks man ^_^
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Thank you very much.