Posted by TheInternetPolice (10/27/15 03:26 AM)
fluorides arent harmless, they are super toxic
i really hope you stop not only handling fluorocarbons, but foremost using it for enlightening substances, fluoride is accumulative and of all places on the internet i would not have expected shroomery to be the place where fluorides are recommended
fluoride is not only ultra carcinogenic, but is also said to clog up the pineal gland -- in which you would think is the goal to open up for using psychedelics
im very worried about fluoride persisting in your mushrooms, as said before that stuff is very toxic, even more so than lead.

this may serve as an eternal paranoia for bought mushrooms, for me.. please for everyones sake find an alternative to fluorides
i would also stress that you should avoid any exposure to fluorides, i as a chemist wouldnt dare to go near a fog of fluorocarbon even wearing gasmask, and i dont even feel hypocritical at that

please avoid taking this as an insult, for everyones sake, especially your costumers if you have such

i would advice butane instead of freon maybe, its a rather heavy gas and very OTC
Posted by AtticusFinch (11/02/11 10:54 AM)
I realize lysergemideman posted a few years ago but I must respond to such an ill informed argument for the benefit of those who come later. Sure it MIGHT mean more tropical temps or it could mean that most of the already tropical, and mostly poor third world countries, become desert wastelands that is if the ice caps don't melt and flood 75% of the earth's landmass. Such a flippant remark about what will happen demonstrates a marked lack of thought about what really MIGHT happen. Usually when I trip, at some point,whether I am having a great time or not I always seem to spend some time during my introspection reflecting on how selfish and lacking in foresight we human beings can be. Anyway I thought this was a very good tek for preserving shrooms and I shall be attempting it soon I hope.
Posted by jacosci (05/08/11 03:24 AM)

i thought freon was a very bad greenhouse gas
Posted by lysergamideman (09/08/09 07:38 PM)
why is the greenhouse efect such  bad thing in  peoples minds, it means more tropica TEMERAURE AREAS, THUS  better agricultural production more rainsforest aresa, more habitaBLY NORTHERN LANDS,  more plants equal more oxygen, if you compare time when that atmosphere is more carbon rich it can be found in the fossil record that plan life florishes. This would help make food more abundant more agricultural area means more farmland whichs means feed the hungrey !!  But the gov ernment wants you to think carbon is bad, They are anacting Carbon Taxes !! realistlcily  this represents a tax on living !! were are gonna be taxed to breathe, people exhale carbon you know? it is not a bd thing plans thrive off of it. The whole green house effect scam is the government trying to find a new way to make a global tax which is paid to a huge central bank whos only real interst is cons9lidationg thjere power over the world, You think they really are out to save humanity? they only want just enough people that they can easily control to make them work to maintain a comfortable lifestyle for there masters. eally check into it, global warming is directly caused by the suns temperature, or global temps have been steadliy Rising with the temp oif the sun, this year it has went down along with the sun activity, as have all the other planets in the solar sytem folowed suit.
Posted by nshanin (01/15/08 11:02 PM)

Tetrafluoromethane is a gas that contributes to the greenhouse effect. It is very stable and lasts a long time in the atmosphere and is a very powerful greenhouse gas. Its atmospheric lifetime is 50,000 years and global warming factor is 6500 (carbon dioxide has a factor of 1).--From the Wiki... please use dry ice.

Posted by theshroom12345 (02/03/07 10:49 AM)
cool thanks i will use this