Posted by Lobotomist (12/21/21 07:55 PM)
Check out my post on DIY holographic chocolate... shits kinda knarly
Posted by campack (03/15/20 03:03 PM)
Why can't you just eat the mycelium? I've heard that it has more heath benefits than the mushroom it self. Am I missing somthing?

Posted by bigbitch (04/17/14 01:07 AM)
I am going to share with you my favorite way to prepare mushrooms.


  High-grade orange juice (I used evolution organic cold-pressed orange juice with 200% vit c per serving)

Honey (Not too much, just some to add flavor)

Metal mesh strainer

Glass or pyrex bowl 


Fruit juice of choice (I use cranberry pomegranate) 

optional: sweet mint leaves in a tea bag to add flavor and coffee filter or other type of strainer

 Step 1:  Cut shrooms up and place in a bowl or glass of water and rub with your fingers, to remove slimy layer.  This step is really only necessary if you have dried product or think your shrooms are "nasty".

Step 2:  pour through strainer, and place mush in pyrex bowl with orange juice

Step 3:  Heat pyrex bowl by double boiling an extremely full pot of water below it, with slightly larger bowl sitting on top.  Salad bowls, with bottoms that are smaller than the tops, work best for this.  Heat on medium-high or high setting until you see the smallest of bubbles start to float up in the orange juice.  Whenever this happens, slightly reduce the heat.  If more bubbles appear and it starts to boil at all, lower the heat.    Heat for 30 minutes, stirring occasionally.  (If you have sweet mint leaf tea bags, steep during this step).

Step 4:  Be careful as liquid may be HOT, pour liquid through fine mesh strainer (that you cleaned).   You can also strain it through any other filter at this point.  It takes a long time to coffee filter, and you must use the fine mesh strainer first so your other filter doesnt get clogged.

Step 5:  Mix with some honey, don't go overboard here.  Orange juice is sweet.

Step 6:  pour into ice tray or desired freezing container.  Freeze.

Step 7:  When ready for your journey, take the frozen concotion and put it in a glass.  Now pour your desired juice/beverage over it, let it thaw out, and enjoy!   

This is great for people with taste issues as this eliminates all taste for me.
Posted by JAB92 (11/30/12 02:49 PM)

The best way to do Mushrooms: (JB's Shaman OJ)


Very simple get 8 oz. (1 cup) of orange juice, i preffer no pulp. i take 5 g. of dried shrooms. this is my journey dose Not really recreational. ( terrence Mckenna style). so 5g. put in blender blend till all powder. put the orange juice in blend 7 more sec. or 10 sec. then drink. i dont usally drink the foam but u can.  Simple huh. it kicks in about 10 min. Then i like to lay down with dark and silence prefered but not needed. and u will go on a journey. u can walk around and do stuff. but u wont want to most likely.


P.S. its 5 g. of cubensis. u can also do less ( as much as u want at least 2g. dried cubensis)