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Have you ever come across blue meanie mushroom in the wild? They are truly a wonder to behold! With their stunning blue hue and unique shape, these mushrooms always catch the eye. Now, you might think they look a bit scary, just as their name implies. I mean, just take a look at that cap - it resembles a sinister grin! And that stem, it seems to stretch on forever. But let me tell you, these mushrooms aren't all about looks. In fact, they have some pretty amazing qualities.

One thing you should know is that blue meanie mushrooms have powerful psychedelic effects. That's right, they can offer mind-altering experiences to those who seek them out. It's no wonder they are a popular choice among adventure-seekers!
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Well I'm going to put it in the light for 3 days to increase pinning before I put casting on. The tek here is amazing.. I am a little disappointed in the lack of help received answering 2 questions.
  But now that's done, it be 10 days and then round 2 lol 36 tubs that hippo is looking at

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looking for game ideas wile on mushrooms.
already play the what if and word association .

any more ideas?
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can someone identify this for me folder name&oldaction=viewthumb
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I am new to all of this and would very much like to connect with some experienced people that would be willing to help me on my way...I have had some experiences years ago.  I would like to go about this in a responsible and safe way and figure connecting with good people to learn more is the best first step.