Posted by MAEjin (12/14/12 12:09 AM)
I was reading that milk products might interfere with shrooms.
I have no scientific knowledge about that but I can tell you my experience with it.
Once a year, I do a big beach party with fireworks at night. One of my killer treats are my famous shrooms shakes! I guess I can share my recipe hah. The thing is I can assure you that milk products don't totally kill the buzz... maybe it lowers it? I don't know...
In a magic bullet, mix these ingredients:
2 ice cream scoops of vanilla ice creams
1 cup of fruits of your choice (I use frozen medley)
2-3g of dried shrooms
2oz beef eater gin
some maple sirup and fill the remaining space with any juice or milk!
Posted by Flappy (09/20/10 05:14 PM)

Hi, great faq! There's surely a lot of useful information in there.

Just to let you know, as of december 1st 2008 shrooms are no longer legal to be sold in The Netherlands. Since then most smartshops have switched to selling truffles (philosopher's stones) as those are technically not mushrooms and thus fall outside this law.
Growkits are still legal to be sold though.
Thanks for the faq.

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Edited 9/21/2010 7:42 PM
Posted by el.oscuro (08/26/10 09:30 AM)
Awesome thanks. The law has changed in the UK now though, they are _totally_ illegal (on par with Heroin and Crack) exept liberty caps (if they're growing wild) and the spores. Though Fly Agerics are still legal too, they just give you the farts as far as I've seen.
Posted by Tivar (06/14/10 10:46 PM)

all very usefull thank you
Posted by psily (05/02/09 01:18 AM)

I can't read this great FAQ, because there is no word wrap - each paragraph is an endless line. Is it your code or it is my browser?