Posted by ewshan2 (04/03/10 11:24 PM) the jesus, my cakes look really similar and I haven't had any pinheads after 14 days!! My temps were low to start though and now it's at around 72F avg. What are your temps?
Posted by somethingnew (03/13/08 09:09 PM)
they will grow dont worry its best though to birth them after pins start to grow it wont hurt them to be in the jar, if you want to start them pinning you can dunk them in cool water not freezing for 10 to 14 hours, this is what i do immeditally after birthing them i have also heard of cold shcking them in a fridge dunno though, just try waiting and dunking
Posted by g00sebump (01/31/07 10:19 PM)
Too soon?  I dunno.