Posted by Pneumonoultra (12/05/14 11:15 PM)
The stalks almost remind of penis envy.
Posted by indep (08/29/12 10:35 PM)
Those truly look beautiful. 

Posted by thebeardguy (12/02/11 04:33 PM)
Damn. Definitely fuckin beautiful man. Two thumbs way up
Posted by malevolence (05/23/11 04:11 PM)
Damn O.O
Posted by Xxero0 (06/27/09 03:49 AM)
Shrooms on steroids.
Posted by FrankyFresh (06/08/09 08:22 PM)

Posted by Sean (11/23/08 10:37 PM)

Wow, those are fucking beautiful!
Posted by N3Rv (06/22/07 12:42 PM)
what are you growing those bad boys on? are you useing vermiculate or something else? they look huge from the picture. you have alot more patience than i do i would have picked them once the viels broke lol. let me know.
Posted by Marty909 (05/19/07 04:10 PM)
what species are those beuties looks nice
Posted by rhizo_morph (10/04/06 10:18 AM)