Posted by Nurkurzda23 (10/20/20 05:00 PM)
Nice picture
Posted by Kzav (01/15/20 12:01 PM)
How much verm do you use? an how much coconut fiber?im using this technique but Im growing mold haha, do you thing that can affect leve some air gap inside? 
Posted by scarecrow3004 (05/20/18 05:19 AM)
Posted by mainelymushrooms (06/16/15 10:52 AM)
What tek did you use, what did you start with popcorn, rye seeds or abs and the what was your next step I did the bef cakes and wanna try something new, thanks for any help .
Posted by rdingle22 (01/20/14 02:14 AM)
I have growth in a similar tub. what did you put it in to fruit?
Posted by LokiXVI (09/04/13 07:16 PM)
so sexy <3
Posted by PsilySilly (08/04/13 11:54 AM)
Posted by mpfitz82 (04/11/12 03:52 PM)
If this was done on popcorn about how long did it take to colonize your dish?
Posted by swturner243 (12/10/11 03:05 AM)
looking pretty good (  Can I transfer those things to a larger set up, and they will spread out, and keep flushing as long as i keep feeding them?  If this is so how do I go about making the transfer?
Posted by thebeardguy (12/02/11 04:27 PM)
Looks nice man, good vibes
Posted by JamieStingray (10/11/11 11:40 AM)
Looking great. Apparently you can Boil the substrate also after you have finished with it :S
Posted by peter43 (04/26/11 06:11 PM)

How do you grow them and how long duz it take?  what stuff do i need to grow shrooms?

Posted by dessy (06/21/10 11:37 PM)
hey, i was wondering if those types of shrooms have any hallucinogenic affect to them and if so, how would i go about growing them, 
i've never grew them befor or tried them and im over excited and cant wait to try them.... if you could please help me out lol...
Posted by tigerman13 (12/02/08 03:43 PM)

damn looking good my friend
Posted by Sean (11/23/08 10:32 PM)

Wow, it looks VERY NICE.
Posted by N3Rv (06/22/07 12:35 PM)
yeah very nice i just had a harvest that look very similar except a little more side growers. nice work!
Posted by Marty909 (05/19/07 04:07 PM)

hey nice work looks nice