Posted by MagicAmine (06/01/18 06:16 AM)
Good !
Thanks for sharing !
Posted by aecheat (06/27/17 11:15 AM)
Look up crystals of the gods tek
Posted by PsilySilly (08/04/13 11:42 AM)
Posted by mio (03/08/13 01:30 PM)
Someone once told me to take 3g shroom dust with water

I don't recommend that, nasty taste and the taste stayed :)

Rather eat fresh or dried shrooms directly :)

I down shroom powder with redwine, masks taste 100% and no nausea,  or lemon

redwine is even better taste than lemon IMO and works as good it seems.

chocolates , powder with redwine , dried shrooms, powder lemontek, fresh shrooms

I like them in that order due to less nausea (no nausea/taste with chocolates,only nice taste)

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Posted by anthperruzza (08/20/10 03:41 PM)

so grinding it and say puting in into orange juice would still give me the same effects?
Posted by jackgriffin (06/16/09 02:22 PM)
Tast bad like that.
Must mix with strawberry yogurt.

However, pulverizing your shrooms like that is the only way to standardize dosages.
Posted by gluvbox (07/15/08 05:00 PM)
Do you store them like that?  In the freezer?
Posted by Blueroots (03/07/08 03:54 PM)
Dont forget to prevent oxidation - eat it fast. 
Posted by junglistvibe (07/09/07 06:55 AM)
What did you use to grind it with?
Posted by tweaking7 (04/08/07 07:11 PM)
Top off your bowl with that =D