Posted by HelloGT (05/19/21 03:51 PM)
howww do I post enough for the giveaway lol cmon guys 
Posted by Mushiemom (12/01/20 08:46 PM)
I have some B BRF cakes that are just starting to pin and they have a white crusty looking coating on them 
 - can anyone help me? What is it and is it harmful? Worry or no?
Posted by 562Beats (11/04/19 05:29 PM)
What's the white on this Golden Teacher cap???Here's a image of the same cake but a way better looking Golden Teacher without the white on cap could the other be a albino???or contamination?No green colors
Posted by flying botchnik (11/01/19 11:08 PM)
I grew Penis envy, golden teachers, treasure coast and Nepal Chitwan cakes. the spores were from and everything went perfect growing wise and fruiting wise but for sum reason even when cracker dry I have to eat 3.5g's for a mild trip, were in the past I've had golden teachers that I purchased and 2g's had me rocked. Does any1 know why this would happend? I'm dedicated to finding out how to grow potent cubes consistently. lookin into mono tub.
Posted by Krackerjack07 (04/14/19 06:20 PM)
Contams wld be a funky color right???? Myceleium is white
Posted by Krackerjack07 (04/14/19 06:19 PM)
Ive been away for close to a month and just put them in 2nd dunk for 12 to 24hrs. They got a fluffy white cotton shit all over but is bright white. No cantams i hope. Im so new to this. Is the bright white ok??
Posted by CultiCat (05/24/17 03:31 PM)
Why does it make me post 10 posts to look at someones journal? and why can't I attach a photo? Why does it have to be linked? I was going to post my grow bags but I don't have them on another website
Posted by CultiCat (05/24/17 03:27 PM)

Posted by more2u (12/07/15 07:01 PM)
Why wouldn't the cap on my mushroom have any color like the rest of them
Posted by swain (01/23/14 11:19 PM)
hey guys, I'm still not seeing any results in my jars... its been since  early november.. not too sure what to do with it at this point. any ideas?
Posted by RevenantRose (11/21/12 07:52 PM)
can someone identify these folder name&oldaction=viewthumb
Posted by merge_oners (11/09/06 04:03 PM)
we need more pictures