Posted by onix (09/17/15 01:32 PM)
Thank you for the Info.. Now I know how to do it for the next time. !
Posted by Astral Pain (12/24/14 03:27 AM) - FedEx Drug Dealer.png
Posted by muchr00m (10/08/13 03:16 PM)
If I upload images on a different site can I link larger size pictures in a post? This is because I feel the better quality I show the more likely the ID is to be true - thus safer. Also resizing is a pain in the A.
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Posted by Sheargrace (09/05/13 08:44 AM)

Don't know what kind this is?
Posted by Minitaker42 (08/17/13 02:33 AM)

What are these?

quite large, brusing bluish purple as show in photos
reletively flat cap with whitish amber gills, plus hollow stemsĀ 
are they psychoactive? cos every photo that ive seen the shrooms are really small
are they toxic?
Found in Victoria, are they only Australian or international?
Posted by paintballer (05/24/11 11:52 AM)
Posted by jhot369 (11/16/09 11:42 PM)

how do u make a thumbnal ?