Posted by babz89 (04/26/11 05:38 PM)

I have a tek on proper hand washing from medicinal grade sterility procedures.

1: Surgical scrub : Clean under nails with a pick. Nails should be maintained with a 1mm free edge (I don't think this is necessary for cultivation but I do know its needed before you open someone up with a scalple!)
Dispense 5 grams (about a softball sized ball) of antiseptic/antimicrobial foam hand wash onto one hand. (I reccomend foam because there isn't and water or multi surface touching which defeats the purpose)
Spread on both hands, paying particular attention to nails, cuticles, and interdigital (between fiungers) spaces and forearms. Rub into skin until dry.
Dispense 2.5 grams (golf ball size) onto one hand and rub into hands up to wrists until dry. And your done.

The above directions can be modified by washing with antibac/antiseptic wash and then follow the steps with Germ-x hand sanitizer but will not prepare you for surgery.

2: Personel hand wash: Dispence 2.5 grams (about a golf ball) into one hand rub into hands up to one inch above the wrist paying special attention to nails, cuticles, and interdigital (between the fingers) spaces. Rub vigorously until dry.
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Link still broken
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404 Error, trashed. I would still like to see the proper tek if someone has the original...