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Interesting, great comments to!
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I've been through them all 

ultrasonic soaks everything unless you install a RH controller( which BTW are available on eBay for around 30 $) but regardless its not a natural form of humidity and can be overbearing if not tuned properly.

Cool mist humidifiers are nice I've had some luck with them, but there noisey, keeping them filled is a constant. They are just another tub I hafto look at next to my Martha and I feel I could do better..

The bubbler idea is OK but why use the energy and extra wires when perilite does the same thing only better for small grows.

I want a fully automated efficient clean And most importantly to me consolidated. 
This thing I've engineered can be heated to a few degrees above desired temperature inside the chamber as well. The fan can be turned down or off by the controller as well to drop the humidity level down a few notches as well.

First I found a humidifier Water panel evaporator 
Humidification control unit ( sold on eBay recently for about 30 dollars)
A small water pump 
a widemouth vase that was a little taller than my evap panel
A water heater of sorts
Some pex tubeing
Epoxy paste( the kind in a tub)
Some fishing line and a long needle 
And lastly a poly soft scrub pad

The result is a self contained unit that can fit in my chamber so there's less things to see and also accounts for less heat loss( that is if your ambiant temperature of the room is less than desired for your chamber.. If your ambiant temp is good you can scratch off the heater and an extra thermostat control unit. In my case I'd like to use this tub for as many things as I can so I want to be able to hold 85
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Grettings from Thailand, we are new to growing and we are growing the orchad varity in two of these.




2,000 plants in total best day have had so far is 19 kilos. We are just begiining our rainy season whne temps go down with cloud cover or rain we get or best production, in the heat it can down to 1/2 kilo, We sale to the local markets ( farmer market style) we have not been able to meet demand






This is a common tehnique in Thailand




I couldn't find a commercial system here so I made one of my own basically a fan that rotates to cover the entire room. Made from a garden hose with 1/100th diamter holes in it, capped off at the end and then hooked to the water supply.




We are pumping from a nutirent rich fish pond so no chlorine in the water




Am I on the right rtack here?


I would apprecaite any comments, the heat is our enemy

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Why would you want to lose moisture from the casings.
the point of humidification is to stop the casings dryin out, to produce more mushroms