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Found this here at the shroomery, I forget exactly where, but I copy and pasted to a doc for reference, figured I'd share, would have been easier for me in the beginning if I had followed something like this for my woodies.

Thank you whoever came up with this easy to understand tek.

Since there were many questions about the best way of cultivating wood loving mushroom species, I decided to write down a little tutorial of way that works pretty well and isn't hard at all.

First thing to do is to prepare regular PF jars, just like you'd do it for Psilocybe cubensis.

Sterilize them
in the regular way.

Now, noc them up with the wood loving mushroom species of your choice, using a spore syringe (my experience has shown me, that wild wood loving species don't need to be cleaned with the help of Agar first. I never had a contam using them directly from a spore syringe! This doesn't mean, that you're just as lucky. The possibility of a wild print not to be clean is given and has often shown to be able to ruin cultivation runs of several people If want to make sure, clean the print first, using agar).

Incubate them the same way as cubes. 75 F would be ideal, though it doesn't matter if it's a little colder. It's just a speed thing in the end.

About two weeks later you should see first signs of mycelium. It takes a while in the beginning but speeds up quiet dramatically after a short time. My jars only took about a week to fully colonize, after the first signs of mycelium have shown.

Wood loving mycelium seems to very contam resistant and aggressive. I didn't have any problems to store them for three weeks at room temperature. No contams.
However, this is probably not ideal.

The jars are now fully colonized.

Now to the wood chips. Alder or beech seem to work best, so you want one of this kind. Other woods work as well, however.
You can get it at pat stores or stores for smoking materials.

Soak the wood chips in water for 24 hours and then let them drain for about 2 hours. I used water from a fish pond.
The wood chips do not need to be sterilized!

The ratio for spawn to substrate seems to best at 1:5!

Now, take a fine mashed basket like this one:

Drill some small holes
in the bottom.

Now, crumble your colonized cakes and spawn them to the soaked wood chips. Mix at good and fill your basked with it.

Now, take tin foil and lightly wrap the basked in it.
This way, the moisture is kept, while enough FAE (fresh air exchange) is provided (which is most important for unsterilized grows!)

Store the basked somewhere in your room. The temps ain't that important anymore. It will grow faster when it's warm, but this increases the chance of contams quiet a lot, so you probably want to go for normal room temperature.

The most important thing is enough FAE. If you can, chose a place that has lots of air flow!

Mist the wood chips when needed. regularly this is once a day, but have an eye on it not to be too moist!

The wholes in the bottom of the basked should let superfluous water drain.

Depending on the amount of wood chips you used, colonization takes about two months. So it would be best if you'd start your cultivation in February, making it possible for you spawn your wood chips to outdoor beds in late April or early May.

You can't do much wrong with the outdoor beds.

A little soil (the bed does not need to completely covered with soil) and a thin layer of leaves store water and provide nutrients.

It's best to keep the bed moist, but it's not a problem when it's dry for a few days (it's the same way in nature).

Good luck!

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