Posted by ihavepeaceofmind (06/05/20 09:37 AM)
All these posts are so old. I am looking for anyone who still exists on this topic. In a hunch and inner desire to learn I have accidentally acquired an outdoor patch that makes indoor look out dated..... Anyone here I can talk to ? By tomorrrow I'll have read over the rules ect.. Any better places to find like minded people to share this topic with ?? Thanks !!
Posted by KrombopulosM (09/21/17 06:53 PM)
hello once again from the world of mycology magic. i have recently embarked on a new 
adventure in outdoor growing. i saw a friend of mine mix a quart of spawned myc with some
 coir in his back yard and grow about 4 grams of b before somethng (green mold) killed it
off.  i have done something similar but have taken more steps to ensure it lives and thrives for years to come (your welcome whoever lives here after me).
well lets get right into it shall we, first thing i did was find a spot i like, i chose
 along side the house by the back door. i tilled up the ground removing weeds and bubs etc,
 i mixed in coco coir, straw, and old colonized sub i had waiting for second flush. 
once mixed i added another layer of straw then topped that with wbs spawn and more coir
 plus hydration. i placed blocks on each end and leaned a old fence gate over the spawn
 field and added shading to protect it from the sun. now all thats needed is time and
 hydration, dont let it dry and it will never die
Posted by MN2tampa (10/02/14 06:40 AM)
Just moved to the perfect outdoor climate. I cant wait to start my outdoor bed.
Posted by hagakure (03/09/13 12:09 PM)
Would one be able to use coco/perlite/coffee/gypsum rather than hay/poop?
Posted by blazingtree1989 (02/15/12 10:17 AM)
Idk i live in the south they grow wild, it just many people i guess dont have the climate. i wanna know more also..
Posted by sick-puppy (12/27/11 01:29 PM)

I was kind of surprised not to see more about outdoor cultivation, is that because most folks dont have the outside

 growing area that i have; or is it because its more difficult to grow outdoors?

Posted by ServantOfBaphomet (05/29/10 02:52 AM)
Macaroni and Cheese for Breakfast