Posted by bodhisatta (04/16/14 12:50 PM)
very old misinformation. Disregard this and come to the forums
Posted by 2bittoker (04/26/13 11:01 PM)
So much misinformation.  First, incadesent lights are the worst for mushroom growing.  P. Cubensis mycelium has shown scientfically to pin best at 6500K which is a bright white light and is the traditional lighting of grow light floursecent lights.  LEDs also produce this light.  Check RogerRabbits tek on lighting.
Posted by BubikolRamios (10/28/10 03:33 AM)
Demo, how mushrooms needs light, it even grows towards it, just like plant.
This was taken on same branch, partly burried under pile of leaves:

1.under leaves
2. these was popping out of leave pile
3. these were not cowered at all

You see the difference in length and pigmentation ?

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