Posted by CapsOff (08/07/11 03:11 PM)
I also think it would be a nice (not essential) detail to add short instruction about the use of the Ctrl F function. (FIND)
That way if someone is not 100% on the spelling of a term or can only remember one word of an acronym they can quickly & fully utilize this document.
Thanks again!
Posted by CapsOff (08/07/11 02:55 PM)
I think it would be IMMENSELY helpful if the title of this document included "Acronyms" & "Abbreviations"
I back tracked the posts and poll that led up to its creation, Thank You, to everyone who contributed.
Posted by figgusfiddus (08/11/07 12:00 AM)
Thanks again to Anno for keeping it up all this time. I know it was your baby, but I do think it was a prime candidate for editing... I made dozens of changes myself, and hopefully they're up to snuff. Hopefully people will keep it up and add, expand, and edit as they see fit. If you decide you want to keep it on the external site alone, feel free to remove it--it's your prerogative, since you made the original, and I don't want to step on any toes.

I do think the trip-related entries (there are only two or three) are kind of unrelated. There's also some confusion in my mind as to what separates this from the mycology glossary, since this contains many mycological terms. Most of the mycology glossary's terms seem to be more related to "advanced" material, but then some of the ones here fit that bill too. Should they be merged? Should they be better divided? Let me know what you want, Anno (and everyone else), and I'll be happy to do it. This has the potential to be a huge service to the community.