Posted by IoRhinz (11/11/13 08:59 PM)
I'm thinking maybe that he wasn't looking at dry weight... If he wasn't then that was WAY, WAY too much.
Posted by flyindevil (08/26/13 02:02 PM)
16 g of dried amanita muscaria is way too much for a first time dose, in my opinion, especially of African grade A (them and Siberian Grade A/A are the strongest I've tried). It was either the Siberian grade A or the African grade A when I ate a single dried 6g cap of amanita muscaria, and I ended up having a trance vision. I enjoyed it, however, yet it was one of the weirdest, somewhat intense experiences of my life. I don't recall having much fear, though.
I was short, skinny to average, and lightweight at the time (19 year old male).
It's unlikely that these mushrooms could cause liver damage, though 16g is a large amount for a first time. You would really have to abuse them/have low quality amanita muscaria to be able to get damage from them.
Posted by delic (01/13/09 10:00 PM)
i see its been a few years since you had this trip. is your liver better? i already bought the shrooms but after reading about your liver issue im having second thoughts..