Posted by Opwind (07/15/22 08:11 AM)
I have found a small fungus with deterrent white gills small stem that stains blue I'm taking a spore print to "fully" is it pictures are posted 

White deterrent gills 
Found in oak leaves possibly on a branch
Stem stains blue
Currently taking a sportprint

Posted by Livee1111 (06/30/22 01:08 PM)
Hello, I love east coast nz, I'm wanting to find gold tops to create my own outdoor cultivation, I'm wondering where should I look what time and how to know when to pick them is it when their gills we expand from the oval shape? %uD83D%uDE0A
Posted by apokalito (11/26/21 01:53 PM)

Just tried some golden teachers from and they were great.

i love just love Using these natural medicines and they make me really strong both internally and externally. 
Thank nature for healing
Posted by Blade 2366 (10/28/21 11:21 AM)
Hi I'm hoping someone in Glasgow can help me ,I've been looking for liberty's but can't seem to find anything at all , can anyone tell me a good place to go ,starting to get a bit desperate to find some, I absolutely love liberty's. 
Please help
Posted by Blade 2366 (10/28/21 11:17 AM)

Posted by Heath Ferguson (10/17/21 01:00 PM)
Hey guys, I am new to the chat but, I live on a horse farm on the North Carolina and Virginia state line. I have been studying shrooms for about 2 months, and I have started to hunt. However, I need some input on what kind of shrooms I have. Thanks everyone

Posted by ShamanisticVibes (03/22/21 05:48 PM)
I am looking for spores or specimen from Rhodocollybia Maculata, a.k.a. the spotted toughshank. While it does contain psychoactive alkaloids, this mushroom is legal. Thanks in advance, folks!
Posted by ShaiBaeB (07/08/20 11:25 AM)
So can anyone help me identify this guy
Posted by MasterStriker (06/06/20 01:59 AM)
How to add image from gallary
Posted by Jnel82 (10/26/19 07:56 PM)
I need some mushrooms identified how can I do that here?
Posted by Connorwelding (07/20/19 01:48 AM)
I think I may have stumbled upon a gold mine right in my very own back yard. So I want to say that I%u2019m 100% positive I%u2019ve found groupings of one of the panaeolus species but you can never be certain. They were just growing in grass that%u2019s regularly mowed in northern MN in mid summer after lots of rain. I want to say that I%u2019m 80% certain that I%u2019ve found panaeolus cintilus based on the overwhelming parallel traits which I%u2019ll show. The gills where mostly really dark but as they aged the darkened into more of that jet black even the young ones that started out a lighter brown. The spore print initially to me looked more dark brown which is know to indicate a  foenisecii but on picture they appear almost completely black and the gills darkened with age as I earlier said. There is also the vertical line on the stem visible as well, along with a curly irregular stipe that was a bit beefier and tougher than I would have thought. As you can see the stem that I have taken off have completely blued over after they went through a red phase after being cream colored. I myself and almost positive that I%u2019ve gotten lucky but I want to see what you guys think. The good thing about this species, is at least if you mistake it for a foenisecii you won%u2019t get sick or die, so it%u2019s a pretty good species for a beginner forsure
Posted by Jaymushygregor (07/02/19 09:54 PM)
Active Inocybe [url=][image][/image][/url]
Posted by Btalley (10/28/18 07:32 PM)
Just found these and need an ID. I'm pretty sure they are in the amantia family, just not sure what group. Any input would be greatly appreciated. If you need more pics message me.

[url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url]
Posted by straightedges (06/12/18 06:19 AM)
Hi all I just started out picking and wasn't quite sure what I was looking for this is what I found after about 20mins ive sorted them into 3 piles an ID on these would be great thanks!

1. (the best ones from what I was told)






Posted by gastare (03/07/18 09:43 PM)
Hi there, I'm new to this forum and to the shrooms world as well. I've been searching and reading many things, and I've been hunting on the field for shrooms. I live in North Queensldan, and today, I have found some amazing creatures that grew from cow poop %uD83D%uDE01%uD83D%uDE01%uD83D%uDE01 ..... However, I'm far from being sure they're safe and that they're going to make me going crazy.... I have good pictures, I don't know how to load them but if you want to help me, I can maybe send them to you so you can help me identifying those little beautiea %uD83D%uDE01%uD83D%uDE01%uD83D%uDE01 look life shroomers! 
Posted by Markofiguer (12/17/17 06:40 PM)
Hello I would like to get psilocybin spores, as well as how to grow, and I am from Chile, my email is:
Posted by thatonefungi (09/21/17 10:30 AM)
I was wondering if anyone could identify these I found them In grassland they are (6 cm tall, cap is (1 cm stem is (.3 cap is slimy as well. I'm from Ireland. If anyone feel they can identify them message me and I'll send a picture 

Posted by Myinfinity (08/17/17 09:43 PM)

Hi y'all I'm new to the hunt...I found these in a cow pasture...they look like some I did way back in college..but lol I didn't pick those..any ideas which species these are?
Posted by Thor001 (04/11/17 08:35 AM)
Hi guy's first time poster here and need some advice on some shrooms I found today I definitely found some blue meanies but not 100% on some biger ones. The stem was blue when I found them and they wore dropping a lot of black spores and gad some bluing on them any help would be good. I also put one on some paper with a glas over it to check for spores and that was good. I'm just a little worried cause of all the info I have found on blue meanies say they don't grow any biger than 4cm and my ones wore about 6cm and had a bit of a flop to them as well and a chocolate colour to them with some blue at the edges. 
Posted by Sean McDonough (02/13/17 10:11 AM)
Please help. Are these liberty caps? 
Edited 2/13/2017 12:13 PM
Posted by landonwc33 (11/13/16 07:40 PM)
Hello everyone. I'm trying to identify sine mushrooms. I look for them all the time these are what I found this weekend that I think are hallucinogenic. 
Posted by Ang3l_dust (11/01/16 12:05 PM)
I need help identifying these and there effects 
Posted by Libertycaps777 (07/04/16 03:52 AM)
Dose anyone know where I can upload a picture of mushrooms that I think are liberty's but idk I need some comments
Posted by zachrmb (05/28/16 05:45 PM)
I have been doing research on magic mushrooms for a while now, but have yet to try them. The main thing standing in my way is getting them. I am afraid that the risks outweigh the benefits of going into someone else's property at night to get shrooms. I was wondering if shrooms could be found in places other than cow dung?? I live in South Louisiana so the climate is perfect, but can you just go into any field/forest and find them? Also, would i be able to buy cow manure and just put it in my yard to increase chances of them growing? Thanks!
Posted by stupidstuart (11/13/15 04:15 PM)

How fo i upload pics? I have done mushrooms i need help with

Posted by theguyoverthere92 (08/20/15 04:51 PM)
I'm  new to the shroom community and have been doing research on the strains that grow where I live. I went out hunting today and I found a cluster of what appears to be Gymnopilus aeruginosus. But as I am new to this I can't be positive. I've taken pictures but am unsure how to post them with this message. Could someone help me with IDing?
Posted by JayZamz (06/24/15 10:53 AM)
Need help identifying these mushrooms spore print is black stems have no veil. Are they edible 
Posted by shroomscientist (05/12/15 11:31 AM)
I find this mushroom all over the woods and I need help they have like a golden brown top and some are even a lighter color and they grow in big groups I wouls post picture but I dont know how to do that wisconsin beaver dam juneau area
Posted by Pantera76 (04/30/15 01:29 AM)
i live in Dayton and I just found some mushrooms growing in a compost pile in my backyard. can anybody help me identify?
Posted by edfish (09/05/13 09:43 AM)
[url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url] [url=][image][/image][/url]
I was wondering if anyone can identify smell great they are in Florida at the base of an old citrus tree.
Posted by redhead1 (05/03/13 02:07 PM)
i guess im lucky, i get shrooms in abundance grow less than a mile from me....happy days